social development- infant/toddler

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  1. first language between parents and children
  2. fear of strangers first noticeable at about 6 months and peaks at about 12 months
    stranger anxiety
  3. fear of being left by caregiver. Emerges at about 8 months and peaks at 14 months
    separation anxiety
  4. infant looks at someone they trust to see how
    they are reacting in a situation; they will react the same way
    social referencing
  5. being aware of people around them; 4-6 months
    social awareness
  6. symbiosis; separation-individualization
  7. 2-5 months on the infant is dependent of the
    mother- abilities so immature that the infant literally feel part of the mother
  8. 5 months-3 years. Infant gradually develops sense of self, apart from the mother
  9. ongoing development
  10. characteristics that influence temperment
    Activity level, Rhythmicity, Approach-withdrawal, Adaptability, Intensity of reaction,Threshold of responsiveness, Quality of mood, Distractibility, Attention span
  11. building block of personality; innate (born with
    it); 3 styles
  12. adaptable, calm baby with predictable scheduling
    easy tempermant
  13. mild emotions and initial fear if new experiences
    slow-to-warm-up temperment
  14. negative emotions and undependable schedule
    difficult temperment
  15. (younger infants) coordination of interaction. “Meshing of finely tuned machine”; same as goodness of fit
  16. (older infants) defined as “an affectional tie that one person forms between him or herself and a specific other”; 2 types: proximity seeking behavior & contact maintaining behavior
  17. types of attachment- Mary Ainsworth
    securely attached & insecurely attached
  18. children are free to explore but come back to
    connect with the parent; desired attachment form
    securely attached
  19. Anxious resistant- cling nervously to the mother
    Anxious avoidant- engage in little interaction with the parent
    Disorganized- show inconsistent mixture of behavior
    insecurely attached

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