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  1. you are driving a new truck with a manual transmission. what gear will you probably have to use to take a long downhill grade?
    a lower gear that you would use to climb the hill
  2. what is countersteering?
    turning the wheel in theopposite direction after steering to avoid a trarric emergency
  3. which of these statements about cargo loading is true
    state laws dictate legal weight limit
  4. which of these is a good rule to follow when usimg a fire extinguisher?
    aim at the base of the fire
  5. you have left the road in an emergency condition, it is impossible for you to come to a stop prior to returning to the road, which of the following is the best action to take?
    reduce your speed to 20 mph or less before returning to the road .
  6. you must park on the side of a level ,straight,two lane road . where should you place the three reflective triangles ?
    one within 10 feet of the rear of the vehicle, one about 100 feet to the rear, and one about 100 feet from the front on the vehicle.
  7. which of these statements about drinking alcohol is true.
    a)alcohol first affects judgement and self control, which are essential for safe driving. b)statistics show that drivers who have been drinking who have a much greater chance of being in a crash. c) a driver can loose his/her license for driving while under the influence of alcohol. d) all of the above are true ---- (D)-------
  8. which of these statements about escape ramps is true?
    (a) they protect equipment and cargo from severe damage (B) they are designed to prevent injury to drivers and passangers (C) they are used to stop vehicles that lose their brakes on downhill grades. (D) all of the above ____-----(D)-----------
  9. to prevent shifting ,there should be at least one tie down for every ________ feet of cargo.
    10 feet
  10. you are checking your steering and exhaust systems for a pre-trip inspection. which of these statements is true?
    steering wheel play of more than 10 degrees(2 inches on a 20-inch steering wheel) can make it hard to steer.
  11. inspect your cargo after you have driven
    25 miles
  12. overlength,overwidth,and or overweight loads require:
    (A)flashing lights (B) driving limited to certain times (c) special transit permits
  13. tie downs must be of the proper type and strength . the combined strength of cargo tiedowns must be strong enough to lift .
    one and one half times the weight of the cargo tied down.
  14. gross vehicle weight (gvw) means the following:
    total weight of a single vehicle plus its load.
  15. how far can the board of education make a student walk to their assigned pick up location?
    1/2 mile
  16. cargo should have at least one tie down for each
    10 feet of cargo
  17. brake (fade)
    can be caused by thebrakes becoming to hot
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