RA: Using a photo

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  1. 3 quarter view
    a view from a position midway between a front view and a side view

    considered best view to have because it will give more info about fullness
  2. Retouched portraits VS snapshots

    retouched portraits often have reduced or erased natural and acquired facial markins
  3. Highlights (lighter)
    appear on a surface lying at right angles to the source of light

    they reflect the maximum amount of light

    they correspond to eminences or any full area

    highlights are areas that project
  4. Shadows (darker)
    opposite of highlights

    these are surfaces that do not receive the full rays of light

    correspond to grooves or depressions
  5. Contrast
    the degree of difference between highlights and shadows
  6. Mathematical computation
    when using a photo to restore a missing feature on the body's face

    this is a ratio of the subjects measurements with the photo's measurement

    the ratio problem uses 3 unknowns and 1 unknown
  7. mathematical computation

    Columns: known and unknown feature
    Rows: body and photo
    1. make a grid

    2. cross multiply

    3. reduce down

    if any other features are missing add another column to the grid

    solve in the same manner

    work with 4 boxes at a time
  8. The ear is missing

    body: ear (X) - head (175mm)
    photo: ear (2mm) - head (7mm)

    what is the length of the missing ear in inches?

    remember: 1 inch = 25mm
    • (7)(X) = 7X
    • (2)(175) = 350

    350/7 = 50mm

    50/25 = 2 inches
  9. The eye is missing

    body: neck (125mm) - (X)
    photo: neck (5mm) - eye (1mm)

    what is the width of the eye on the body?

    remember: 1 inch = 25mm
    • (125)(1) = 125
    • (5)(X) = 5X

    125/5 = 25mm

    25mm = 1 inch
  10. body: nose (75mm) - ear (X)
    photo: nose (3mm) - ear (2mm)

    what is the length of the missing ear?
    • (75)(2) = 150
    • (3)(X) = 3X

    150/3 = 50mm

    50/25 = 2 inches
  11. body: neck (150mm) - (X)
    photo: neck (6mm) - eye (2mm)

    what is the width of the eye on the deceased body?
    • (150)(2) = 300
    • (6)(X) = 6X

    300/6 = 50mm

    50/25 = 2 inches
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