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  1. Fronteir
    land that forms at the furthest extent of a nations settled regions.
  2. mountain men
    trappers that lived in the west and hunt beaver.
  3. treaty of guadalpe hidalgo
    in 18848 formaly ending the Mexican American war.
  4. forty-niners
    people moving to california in search for gold.
  5. manifest destiny
    the God given write to expand.
  6. Abolitionists
    a person who wanted to get rid of slavery.
  7. secede
    to seperate from the orinal country.
  8. blockade
    to bloke all porks in a hardor not letting anything coming in or go out.
  9. siege
    to make someone surrender.
  10. santa fe trail
    a wagon trail ended in santa fe
  11. pioneer life
    life was hard women worked along side men and in wyoming they where first given the right to vote
  12. Mexican war
    the US were not the good guys US won ended in 1848
  13. MOrmons move west
    Joseph smith started the religion and wrote the book f mormon. brigam young second leader broght the people to utah
  14. conflicts with mormons and us gov.
    mormons were in control of the elections only supported mormon run buissnesses and polygamy was banned in all states
  15. gold rush california
    14,000 to 100,000 the population changed dramaticly the people were called forty-niners
  16. missouri compermise of 1820
    missouri entered as a slave state maine as a free state no slavery north of a line lasted 30 years
  17. compermise of 1850
    CA free state sw was divided into UT and NM chose weather to be a slave state or free ended trade in DC settled border dispute between NM TX made strict laws for fugitive slaves
  18. fugitive slave act
    part of the the copermise of 1850required to catch run away if you didnt turn in he slave you would be charged 1000$ or a month in priso
  19. uncle toms cabin
    a novel writen by harriett Beecher Stowe writen by the evil of slavery about a slave that was beatten to death by his owner
  20. kansas- nebraska act
    divided KA and NB into territories people actually fought war went all around
  21. Pottowatomi creek killings
    john brown took the law into his own hands and killed 5 pro slavery men
  22. Dred Scott vs. sandford
    a slave that went to court for his freedom
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