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  1. aesthetics
    idea of beauty
  2. appreciation
    gratefulness: feeling of gratitude
  3. artifact
    object made by human: a tool or ornament
  4. carving
    something made by cutting wood
  5. conception
    idea, notion, general understanding of something
  6. craft
    skillful person, someone who makes things by hand
  7. inspiration
    stimulation to do creative work
  8. intimacy
    close relationship
  9. literature
    written work with artistic value
  10. sculptor
    artist who makes sculptures
  11. stimulus
    incentive, something arousing interest
  12. venue
    • scene, a place where an event is held
    • place, site, location
  13. burgeoning
    • growing quickly
    • *burgeoning wealth
  14. eclectic
    • varied, extensive, heterogeneous.
    • *an eclectic collection of paintings
  15. monotonous
    repetitious and uninteresting
  16. mundane
    • ordinary, commonplace, not unusual
    • relating to matters of this world
  17. prominent
    well-known, noticeable
  18. choreograph
    plan out dance routine
  19. depict
    • portray, show something, represent
    • * the graph depicts ...
  20. enrich
    augment, enhance quality of something
  21. provoke
    • make somebody feel angry
    • incite somebody (incyte)
  22. transcend
    • go beyond limit, surpass something
    • exceed, excel
  23. deft
    • quick and skillful
    • clever

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IELTS vocabulary unit 20

IELTS vocabulary unit 20
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