Amer Ind Works (for sure know)

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  1. Indians Today, the Real and the Unreal
    Vine Deloria, Jr
  2. Dear John Wayne
    Louise Erdrich
  3. Sure You Can Ask Me a Personal Question
    Diane Burns
  4. Adventures of an Indian Princess
    Patricia Riley
  5. The Sun Dance
    Luther Standing Bear
  6. All My Relations
    Linda Hogan
  7. Soul Catcher
    Louis Owens
  8. An Address to the Whites
    Elias Boudinot
  9. Pushing the Bear
    Diane Glancy
  10. Three Thousand Dollar Death Song
    Wendy Rose
  11. I Still Trust the Land
    Leslie Silko
  12. Hawk Nailed to a Barn Door
    Peter Blue Cloud
  13. We Are the Land
    Paula Gunn Allen
  14. Five Rounds
    Lorenzo Baca
  15. A Second Adoption
    Michael Dorris
  16. Halfbreed
    Maria Campbell
  17. Neon Scars
    Wendy Rose
  18. Beets
    Tiffany Midge
  19. The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven
    Sherman Alexie
  20. Rayona's Ride
    Michael Dorris
  21. The Bingo Van
    Louise Erdrich
  22. First Days at Carlisle
    Luther Standing Bear
  23. Indian Humor
    Vine Deloria, Jr
  24. Metamorphosis
    Joy Harjo
  25. The Woman Hanging from the Thirteenth Floor Window
    Joy Harjo
  26. The Warriors
    Anna Lee Walters
  27. The View from the Mesa
    Shonto Begay
  28. The Voyagers
    Linda Hogan
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