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  1. scrotum
    protected skin of penis
  2. epididymis
    holds mature sperm
  3. penis
    organ of reproduction in the male. Diff. is the testicle.
  4. urethra
    where semen and urine are exiting
  5. seminal vesicle
    produces a fluid that nurishes sperm
  6. prostate gland
    makes up most of the semen
  7. bulbourethral (cowper's) gland
    pre ejaculation, releases fluid that cleans urethra
  8. testis
    produces sperm
  9. semen
    cowper's gland, seminal vesitcle and prostate gland
  10. jock itch
    fungal infection, rash
  11. bladder infection
    inflammation of the urinary bladdar
  12. prostatitis
    bacterial infection of the prostate
  13. inguinal hermia
    bulging of the intestines (testicles) through the abdominal wall
  14. testicular torsion
    twisted testicle
  15. undescended testes
    failure of one or both testes to move from the abdomen to the scrotum during fetal development
  16. prostate cancer
    abnormal division, cancer of cells in the prostate
  17. testicular cancer
    abnormal division, cancer of cells in the testes
  18. vagina
    mucus membrane
  19. cervic
    spreads to 10 cm for baby to come out
  20. uterus
    baby grows
  21. placenta
    nurishes the baby
  22. fallopian tube
    from ovaries to uterus, like the vas deference in male, where egg and sperm meet
  23. ovary
    ovulation 1/month, ovulate from one side
  24. yeast infection
    like joke itch, fungus
  25. pap smear
    check for cervical cancer, stds, etc
  26. ideal cycle
    menstration then after 14 days, ovulate
  27. tubal ectopic
    doesn't float to uterusand doesnt get nurishment (in bed)
  28. dysemerrhea
    cramps, uterus contract, ovaries and abdominal cramps
  29. amenorrhea
    stopped menstrating, ovulating, statys in uterus
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