Unit 2 sentences

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  1. I'm slightli fragwürdig, ungewiss about wheter Sean's idea is goint to work
  2. The only einleuchtend explanation I can think of is that Jenna got the dates wrong.
  3. Please don't täuschen/verblüffen me with loads of technical terminology.
  4. It's not always easy to abschätzen, beurteilen someone's suitability for a job just by talkting to them in a short interview
  5. I don't think you should annehmen, voraussetzen that lots of people are going to help you with this project.
  6. It took me a quiet long time to begreifen, auffassen what the aim of the game was
  7. The jury are still absichtlich, bewusst but they're expected to reach a verdict soon.
  8. I'm seriousely betrachten asking for a pay rise tomorrow
  9. I don't annehmen I could borrow your lecture notes this weekend, could I?
  10. If you've ever abwägen the question "why does the universe bother to exist?", then this is the book for you.
  11. Let's not even berückstichtigen, beachten the possibility of failure
  12. I've got a Ahnung that someone in this office is goint to get promoted soon.
  13. I need to hin und her überlegen your offer very carefully before I make a decision
    mull over
  14. Lee etwas einfallen lassen the brilliant idea of bookung a clown for the end-of-term party.
    came up with
  15. It's time you sich etwas stellen the fact that you've got responsibilities now.
    faced up to
  16. I didn't like the idea at firsst but I've zu etwas kommen it now
    come round to
  17. There's nothing to büffeln as it's g
    general knowledge quiz
    swot up on
  18. I was unable to herausfinden what the speaker was saying because we were right at the back of the hall.
    figure out
  19. We finally austüfteln a way to get the band into the hotel without the press knowing
    puzzled out
  20. I've been recherchieren on the history of English language teaching recently
    reading up
  21. The name Alan Hickson sagt mir etwas, but I can't place him.
    rings a bell
  22. Stop wasting time Haare splitten and look at the big picture
    splitting hairs
  23. Ask Simon about the sales targets. He always knows was ist was.
    waht's what
  24. You've got to (be able to think quickly and make sensible decisions) to succed in advertising
    have your wits about you
  25. Don't let succes in den Kopf steigen, will you?
    go to your head
  26. I'm going to (Crazy, verrückt) if they don't turn that music down soon.
    round the bend
  27. Let's (spend some time thinking about the situation you are in before you decide what to do next) of the situation before we make a decision
    take stock
  28. How did they manage to keep me completely im Dunkeln about this for so long?
    in the dark
  29. The problem with Jane is tat sometimes she can't vor lauter Bäume den Wald nicht mehr sehen)
    see the wood for the trees
  30. There was quite a bit of CONFUSE because the examiner handed out the wrong exam papers
  31. You're acting completely RATIONAL. Just calm down and pull yourself together
  32. Einstein's BRILLIANT went unnoticed at school.
  33. This is generally considered to be the DEFINE guide to Australia.
  34. It's absolutely EXPLAIN why the council decided to close down the youth club.
  35. I just stood there and listened in BELIEVE as Bend told me the news.
  36. Greg's DECIDE to say te least, so I wouldn't ask him to choos a hote.
  37. Many children create IMAGINE friends to talt to
  38. He was found not guilty by reason of ISANE and so was sent to a mental institution rather than prison.
  39. Your argument is LOGIC. Just because you want me to be a doctor doesn't mean I want to be one.
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