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  1. What are the required certificates to operate as PIC?
    1. Airline Transport Certificate with apropriate type rating 2. Airplane Multi engine land class rating 3. valid first class medical certificate 4. company issued photo ID 5. FCC License 6. Valid Passport
  2. What are the required certificates to operate as SIC?
    1. A Commercial pilot certificate, with appropriate SIC type rating 2. Instrument rating 3. Airplane Multi Engine Land class rating 4. Valid second class medical certificate 5. Company issued photo ID 6. FCC license 7. Valid Passport
  3. When must a crewmember turn in a copy of their new medical?
    Medical certificates should be turned in to the chief pilots office on or before the 25th of the expiration month of the old medical????????????check FOM it says on or before the 26th start of business.
  4. How long is a temporary airman certificate valid?
    120 days from date of issuance.
  5. How many days after your address changes must you notify the FAA?
    Each flight crewmember must notify the FAA within thirty days of a change in their permanent mailing address
  6. No crewmember is allowed to consume alcohol, including beer and wine (including deadheading crewmembers) within how many hours prior to duty?
    12 hours for flight and 8 hours for training including sim
  7. Crewmembers are not allowed to take Viagra within how many hours prior to flying?
    12 hours
  8. After Donating blood or transfusion how long is a crewmember restricted from flying?
    24 hours
  9. Cremembers are strongly reccommended to refrain from scuba diving within how many hours of any scheduled flight duty?
    24 hours
  10. what is the policy on commercial flying outside Pinnacle Airlines?
    No company flight crewmwember may engage in commercial flying other than that performed for the company ????????? Check FOM this has been updated with a TR
  11. What is the required report time for duty while at your Domicile?
    60 minutes must be at the gate 30mins prior
  12. What is the required report time for duty while at an Outstation?
    flight cremembers are required to report for duty a minumum of thirty minutes prior to scheduled departure time at the departure gate of their scheduled flight
  13. How many hours can a cremember be scheduled to fly between required rest periods?
  14. How many hours can a Crewmember be scheduled in seven consecutive days?
    30 hours
  15. How many hours can a crewmember be scheduled in a calendar month?
    100 hours
  16. How many hours can a Crewmember be scheduled in a calandar year?
    • 1000hours
    • What is the maximum duty time a crewmember is allowed to work?
    • FARs state 16hours
  17. What is the minimum required rest for a crewmember that has exceeded a fifteen hour duty period?
    A minimum of ten hours prior to commencing FAR part 121 revenue operations.
  18. How many hours must a pilot fly for consolidation of knowledge, upon completing their inital proficiency check or type rating if new to an aircraft type?
    100 hours line operation within 120 days
  19. For a high minimums captain, how much must the visiblity and ceiling be increased to commence the approach?
    the landing visibility must be increased by 1/2 mile and the MDA or DH by 100 ft for high minimum captain.
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