SPAN Finals

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  1. El consonante
    rhyming word
  2. La consonante
  3. el capital
    capital (money)
  4. La capital
    capital (city)
  5. El corte
  6. cut
  7. La corte
  8. El cura
  9. la cura
  10. El guía
  11. la guía
    guidebook, female guide
  12. el modelo
    male model
  13. la modelo
    female model
  14. el orden
    order, tidiness
  15. la orden
    order, command
  16. el papa
  17. la papa
  18. el policía
  19. la policía
    police force, police woman
  20. el cólera
  21. la cólera
  22. el tranvía
    streetcar, tram, local train
  23. El ataúd
  24. el césped
  25. El camión
  26. La sal
  27. la señal
    sign, signal
  28. La mente
  29. La muchedumbre
  30. la sangre
  31. La sien
  32. Caber
    to fit
  33. Valer
    to cost; to be worth
  34. Agradar
    to please
  35. Asombrar
    to amaze
  36. Disgustar
    to displease
  37. Enojar
    to anger
  38. Fascinar
    to fascinate
  39. Indignar
    to infuriate
  40. Faltar
    to lose
  41. Hacer daño
    to be harmful
  42. Cubrir
    to cover
  43. Romper
    to break, to smash
  44. El jarrón
  45. Abstenerse
    to abstain
  46. Ausentarse
    to be absent
  47. Arrepntirse
    to repent
  48. Dignarse
    to deign
  49. atreverse
    to dare
  50. jactarse
    to boast
  51. Quejarse
    to complain
  52. revelarse
    to revolt
  53. Suicidarse
    to commit suicide
  54. Acostarse
    to go to bed
  55. Agacharse
    to crouch
  56. Arrodillarse
    to kneel down
  57. Hincarse
    to kneel down
  58. Inclinarse
    to bow, to lean
  59. Levantarse
    to get up
  60. Pararse
    to stand up, to stop
  61. Sentarse
    to sit down
  62. Aburrirse
    to get bored
  63. Alegrarse
    to become happy
  64. Avergonzarse (üe)
    to be ashamed
  65. enorgullecerse
    to be proud
  66. entristecerse
    to become sad
  67. Ofenderse
    to feel ofended
  68. Cansarse
    to get tired
  69. Debilitarse
    to weaken, grow weaker
  70. Desmayarse
    to faint
  71. Enrojecer(se)
    to blush
  72. Fortalecerse
    to get strong
  73. Resfriarse
    to get a cold
  74. Acercar
    to brind near
  75. acordar
    to agree on
  76. comportar
    to entail, to endure
  77. entrerar
    to inform
  78. equivocar
    to mistake
  79. parecer
    to seem
  80. Preguntar
    To ask (a question)
  81. Acercarse
    to approach
  82. acordarse
    to remember
  83. comportarse
    to behave
  84. enterarse
    to find out
  85. equivocarse
    to be mistaken
  86. irse
    to leave
  87. llamarse
    to be called (named)
  88. parecerse
    to resemble
  89. preguntarse
    to wonder
  90. Abrazarse
    to embrace each other
  91. amarse
    to love each other
  92. ayudarse
    to healp each other
  93. besarse
    t o kiss each other
  94. casarse
    to marry each other
  95. Comprometerse
    to promise; become engaged
  96. darse la mano
    to shake hands (with 2 or more ppl)
  97. despedirse
    to leave
  98. escribirse
    to write to each other
  99. felicitarse
    to be happy with something
  100. saludarse
    to greet each other
  101. telefonearse
    to call (each other)
  102. Es deplorable
    it's dreadful
  103. Es vergonzoso
    It's shameful
  104. a fin de que
    in order that
  105. a menos (de) que
  106. a no ser que
  107. antes (de) que
  108. con tal (de) que
    provided that
  109. en caso de que
    in case that
  110. para que
    so that
  111. sin que
    without (following verb)
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