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  1. Early labor protection for baby
    IgG-crosses placenta briefly
  2. Body�s 1 and 2 line of defense
  3. Hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex mimics what med to fight inflammatory response
  4. What releases histamine
  5. Cryptrococcus is classified as
  6. Mosquito/fly mode of transmission
  7. Air conditioner duct clean/precaution against diseases caused by
  8. Playing barefoot can cause
  9. Decubitus is termed nosocomial and pneumonia is termed community acquired
  10. Vaginal discharge after antibiotics
  11. Pt with an iatrogenic infections is pt with
    urinary infection after insertion of foley
  12. Community picnic, everyone ill, what path via
    common vehicle
  13. Immunisuppressed pt-avoid brinigng
    potted plants
  14. Reg antigen injections will
    increase tolerance to the antigen
  15. Person with daily steroids, can child visit with exposure to influenza
    no as child is more contagious at beginning of illness even with no symptoms
  16. Cdiff what causes the diarrhea
    long term antibiotic therapy
  17. Lg dose antibiotic wait for 20-30 minutes why
    severe allergic response may occur 1st few minutes after injection
  18. What does nurse do after anaphylactic reaction to penicillin
    admin o2
  19. CDC issued guidelines infection control
    standard precautions
  20. Medical vs surgical asepsis
    good hand washing techniques
  21. Info for teaching plan for cancer pt
    cancer is a group of diseases and cells are different in growth and spreading of abnormal cells
  22. Most common ID of cancer risks
    appearance of recent skin area changes that look markedly unlike surrounding tissue
  23. Chemo after radiation therapy cancer words interpretation?
    Carcinogen refers to some of the materials in environment, such as cigs, asbestos, mercury
  24. Malignant similar to benign because
    may press on nearby surrounding tissues such as nerves and blood vessels causing pain
  25. Tumors that originate in skin
  26. Cannabinoids, Benadryl and vistaril are ordered for cancer patients for
    control neurovascular and taste disorders caused by therapy
  27. T4, N2, M1
    primary tumor is quite large and has extended to lymph glands and distant areas. Gentle touch and therapeutic listening will be especially helpful
  28. Assess pt on Adriamycin very carefully pt complains of
    rapid heart heat
  29. Add to nursing care plan diagnosis of breast cancer is made at stage T1, No, M0
    Risk of anxiety r/t outcome of tx
  30. Most common cancer in women
  31. Cancer warning sign to teach public
    mole on the salf of leg that enlarges over a month and lifts up
  32. Mast cells are
    attached to connective tissue
  33. Passive acquired immunity means
    acquired from outside the host and instilled in the host
  34. CBC shows shift to the left-cell count of
    neutrophils have increased greater than 60%
  35. Symptoms of possible diagnosis of SLE
    butterfly rash of the face
  36. Leukemia with ulcerated mouth disease-what to eat?
    Creamed potato soup
  37. HIV plan of care
    aseptic technique to prevent infection
  38. Prep for skin testing
    inject 0.1 ml ID
  39. Bone marrow transplant which uses pt own bone marrow
  40. What med prevents rejection of bone marrow?
  41. Goal for nursing dx of imbalanced nutrition for leukemia pt
    maintain stable weight
  42. Skin test shows redness and swelling a few days after injection
    IV reaction
  43. Lab results for pt with acute leukemia which would indicate possible complications
    platelet lower than 50,000
  44. Spleen�s primary function in immune system
    filters microorganisms from blood
  45. 24 y/o with symptoms of SLE
    muscle skeletal pain in the hands
  46. Chemo and decreased bone marrow can cause
  47. Acute leukemia precautions
    compromised host precautions
  48. Discharge for SLE patient
    use sunscreens
  49. Leukemia pt with chemo
    at risk for infection and bleeding
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