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  1. Neurological finding that would be abnormal in an 88 y/o would be
    dizziness and problems with balance
  2. Normal Babinski
    downward curl of toes
  3. Flexed upper and lower extremities with head injury
    increased ICP with decorticate posturing
  4. Positive Brudzinski�s
    flex kips when neck is flexed by nurse
  5. Assessment indicating mannitol therapy for cerebral edema is effective in a patient with ICP is
    increased urinary output
  6. Prevent post lumbar puncture h/a, patient should
    lie flat
  7. Cushings triad
    bradycardia, hypertension and widening pulse pressure
  8. Pt fell and hit head. Nurse will be assessing for
    increasing BP
  9. What should you do to foods for Parkinson�s patient
    thicken liquids
  10. Can st john�s wort effect parkinson�s meds?
    Yes can interfere with effectiveness of parkinson�s meds
  11. Can other drugs be combined with LDopa and Sinemet
    yes to increase effectiveness
  12. Nursing assessment that would indicate need for suctioning pt with Guillain Baree
    increased pulse rate and adventitious breath sounds
  13. Appropriate gift for pt with parkinson�s
    satin sheets
  14. Pt with postcrainiostomy, nurse can reduce ICP by
    elevating HOB 30 degrees
  15. Update care to ALS pt who is prone to depression
    intellectual capacity is not affected
  16. Post CVA who has weakness on rightside and impaired reasoning has had CVA
    left hemisphere of cerebrum
  17. Momentary confusion, dizziness, slurred speech recovered in 2 hours most helpful in assessment
    auscultation of a bruit over the carotid
  18. Purpose of Coumadin
    prevents formation of new clots
  19. Nurse explains pt who has a complete stroke as result of ruptured vessel in left hemisphere classified as
    hemorrhagic, intracerebral
  20. Acute phase of CVA has ended when
    vital signs and neuro status stabilizes
  21. Pt in acute phase of stroke who has been speaking distinctly begins to speak indistinctly and only with great effort but is coherent
    stroke in evolution with dysarthria
  22. Lumbar puncture can help determine with stroke is
    hemorrhagic or embolic
  23. Intervention that helps preserve joint mobility in acute phase of CVA
    support affected points in good functional alignment
  24. Nurse assesses that CVA is in transition to rehab phase when
    there are no further neurologic deficits observed
  25. Rehab phase of CVA with homonymous hemianopsia needs to have items on
    affected side
  26. Most effective interventions for best support of regular bowel elimination and prevention of constipation
    daily stool softeners
  27. Laclunar srokes most always
    results in blindness
  28. Spinal cord extends from brainstem to
  29. C5 fracture is paralysis permanent?
    Too early to tell and will know more when spinal shock subsides
  30. Assessment indicates resolution of spinal shock
    spastic involuntary movements of affected limbs
  31. Assessment that ensures that spinal cord injury is below C4
    independent respirations
  32. Findings of muscle strength nurse records 2 for R arm means muscles of arm show
    muscle movement with supported
  33. Brown Sequard syndrome results in
    ipsilateral loss of motor function, contralateral loss of pain sensation and temp
  34. Which level of independence is an appropriate nursing care plan for pt with C8 transection?
    Manage ordinary wheelchair
  35. After spinal shock is resolved, indwelling catheter is removed. Murse tells pt the bladder will empty by
    spontaneous reflexive action
  36. Gardner wlls tongs
    align cervical vertebrae
  37. Halo
    allows pt out of bed
  38. Intervention for autonomic dysreflexia
    raise HOB to at least 45 degrees
  39. Prevention of autonomic dysreflexia
    ensure patency of urinary catheter
  40. Response to family member who asks about relative with C4 injury
    pt will always have ventilator
  41. Anteriod cord syndrome
    pt may be able to use hands and arms
  42. Cone down
    detailed xray will be taken of spinal injury
  43. Spinal cord pt with lack of bowel function 2 days after injury nurses response
    due to injury, he will always need enemas for bowel evacuation
  44. Interventions to prevent contractures in spinal cord patient
    apply splints to limbs
  45. Rehab of spinal cord pt
    focuses on adjustments necessary to reenter society and workplace
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