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  1. Palliative surgery
    relieve symptoms or improve function without correcting basic problem
  2. Med to be concerned about re: liver biopsy
  3. Pro op NPO status
    can have ice chips
  4. Highest pt priority post spinal anesthesia
  5. Post op assessment for hernia repair
    check dressing for bleeding
  6. Pre op assessment
    ask about allergies, meds and past medical problems
  7. What would prvent pt transfer to surgical unit
    pulse ox 85%
  8. Before administering diet post hysterectomy
    check for bowel sounds
  9. When to arouse pt post op
    pulse ox less than 85%
  10. Check for pain post varicose vein stripping
    pain 0-10 scale
  11. Post cataract surgery
    omit coughing instructions
  12. After incentive spitometry
    pt have blear breath sounds
  13. To prevent effects post op mobility on GI
    increase fluid intake
  14. DC instructions post op hernia repair
    report fever, redness, swelling or increased pain
  15. Pain perception involves several CNS processes such as
    afferent pathways carry messages to spinal cord and brain
  16. Pain is perceived as a stimulation of receptors in
    small nurve fibers
  17. Prolonged and unrelieved pain will
    lower pain threshold
  18. Opioid analgesia is
    generally used for blocking pain at CNS level
  19. Sympathetic responses to pain
    Increased BP, P, R
  20. Sciatica pain in hip
  21. Hot or cold treatments for PVD
    heat-cold is contraindicated
  22. Arm pain related to heart attack
    referred pain
  23. When rt arm is raised, rt shoulder hurts
    aggravating factor
  24. LPN conducting pain assessment
    assess location, quality and intensity on identified scale
  25. Gate control pain relief includes
    give massage
  26. Post MI complication of constipation
    r/t analgesic
  27. Lessens perceptions of pain to tolerate levels
  28. Assessment of response to IM morphine
    sedative effects in neuro system
  29. Gallbladder diagnosis and pain in right middle back
    referred pain and administer meds
  30. Pathophys of vasogenic shock
    excessive vascular dilation cause decrease in BP
  31. Progressive phase of shock
    thread P, rapid R, decreased BP
  32. Progressive hypotension after cervical spine injury is sign of
    neurogenic shock
  33. Respirations during refractory stage of shock
    slow and shallow
  34. Common sign of someone in shock
    skin is cool and moist with cyanotic nail beds
  35. What would cause nurse to implement actions in compensatory shock
    irritable and listless
  36. Intermediate or progressive shock acid base balance
    metabolic acidosis
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