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  1. Gravity flow tube feeding using a large syringe prior to infusion
    check for residual and return to stomach
  2. With a tube feeding, patient becomes sweaty and has abdominal distention and diarrhea
    dumping syndrome
  3. Risk factor that increases chances or oral cancer
    ETOH consumption
  4. Patient has lesions removed from mouth and returned to unit initial care
    suctioning secretions
  5. Give Phenergan
    put side rails up
  6. Pt with hiatal hernia to decrease c/o heartburn
    don�t eat for several hours before bed
  7. Care for pt hemorrhaging from peptic ulcer
    roll pt flat and assess vital signs
  8. Collection of several stool samples go to lab
    take to lab immediately
  9. 34 year old has severe diarrhea and fatigue for several days. Why will continuation cause fatigue??
    Malnutrition because of malabsorption of nutrients
  10. Stool softeners are to promote normal fecal elimination effectiveness to make this happen?
    Adequate fluid intake
  11. Risk factor in older man for developing diverticulous
    eating low fiber diet
  12. Priority in relation to care of pt with gastroesophageal balloon tube
    avoid straining to have BM
  13. Pt with pancreatitis meds should be mixed with
  14. Lab report showing that is diagnostic for acute pancreatitis
    serum amalyse
  15. Care for pt with pancreatitis highest priority
    pt claims satisfaction with pain control
  16. Patients with pancreatic disease have history of
    alcohol abuse
  17. 1 week post op with ileostomy has what complication
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