IELTS writing1

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  1. this*** [shows, represent, demonstrates, illustrates, lists(if table), depict, reveals] **** [between 1990 and 2000, over 10 years period, from 1990 and 2000]
  2. Describing movement: upward trend
    increase, went up, climbed, jumped, rose, reach a high of, reach a peak of, upward trend, peak at, augmentation, upsurge(n), surge
  3. Describing movement: downward trend
    decline, decrease, went down, dropped, plummeted(so sharp), slumped, a fall, reach a low of, plunge,
  4. Describing movement: plateau
    unchanged, plateau, static, constant, fixed, remain stable, remain steady, stabilize
  5. Describing movement: fluctuation
    fluctuate, unpredictable, vacillate, rise and fall, unstable,
  6. Adjectives:
    steep, sharp, remarkable, significant, dramatic, sudden, evident, considerable, substantial, fairly, relatively, quite.
  7. Comparing:
    • *Compared to the number of females, the number of males is relatively high.
    • *The number of males is quite high compared to the number of females.
  8. over 12-year period
    • increase by 10%
    • at first glance
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