Global II Quiz 2

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  1. agrarian
    pertaining to land and the agricultural interest of farmers
  2. capitalism
    an economic system based on private rather than government ownership
  3. capital
    money that can be invested in business
  4. cash crops
    crops that can be sold on the world market for money
  5. command economy
    state controlled economic system; government decides basic economic questions
  6. communism
    an economic system in which a singly party government owns and controls the means of production with the aim of creating a classless society
  7. deficit
    lacking in amount or quantity
  8. developed country
    a country that has developed agriculture, industries, advanced technology and a strong education system
  9. developing country
    a country with limited resources and who faces obstacles such as overpopulation, natural disasters, political instability, and indebtedness in achieving modern industrial economies
  10. domestic system
    system in which workers are provided with raw materials and produce finished products at home
  11. economic
    relating to productions, distribution, and consumption of goods and services
  12. embargo
    complete restriction or restraint of trade; refusal to buy a product
  13. green revolution
    scientific efforts to increase the amount of food produced
  14. GDP
    Gross Domestic Product - the total value of all goods and services provided in a country during a year
  15. stagflation
    economic condition of high unemplyoment, inflation, and little economic growth
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