Bobby's Random Notes XXIX

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  1. This president preceded James Jones as govern of Tennessee
    James K Polk
  2. This leader participated at the Vargas Swamp Battle
    Simon Bolivar
  3. Members of the Cato Street Conspiracy started this event
    Peterloo Massacre
  4. The Presbyterian Charles Finney helped spark this movement
    Second Great Awakening
  5. This religion believes in finding your "inner light"
  6. Deodoro de Fonseca was the rise president of this country
  7. This man rose to power in part because he negotiated a peace at Constance
    Frederick Barbarossa
  8. This thinker wrote a book about his dressing gown
    Denis Diderot
  9. The Carnation Plot tried to get this woman out of the country
    Marie Antoinette
  10. This battle took place near Ambion Hill
    Battle of Bosworth Field
  11. France captured Minorca in this war
    Seven Years War
  12. The Cantino Plainisphere helped in the negotiations of this treaty
    Treaty of Tordesillas
  13. This president's face appeared on the Confederate $1000 bill
    Andrew Jackson
  14. Charles Canning had trouble putting down this rebellion
    Sepoy Mutiny
  15. There's a gulf in the Northern Territory of Australia named for this ruler
    Joseph Bonaparte
  16. Illinois v Gates established precedent for this requirement in an arrest
    Probable Cause
  17. Pope Innocent III played a large role in this crusade
    Albigensian Crusade
  18. This president succeeded Pappy O'Daniel as Senator of Texas
    Lyndon B Johnson
  19. One of the most trusted advisors of this ruler was Nikita Panin
    Catherine the Great
  20. This religious work is divided into 81 chapters
    Tao Te Ching
  21. The Black Legend describes explorers from this country
  22. Carlos Flores was the first president of this country
  23. Hurricane Mitch devastated this Central American country
  24. Jean Piaget worked with this intelligence theorist
  25. This leader had to put down the Levellers
    Oliver Cromwell
  26. The teachings of this religion are expressed in the 28 Fundamental Beliefs
    Seventh Day Adventists
  27. This city lies on the mouth of the Ulhas River
  28. This leader drafted the Kentucky Resolution
    Thomas Jefferson
  29. The Tendai Movement is a major movement in this religion
  30. Frendak v US ruled on the use of this plea in the courts
    Insanity plea
  31. The Battle of Liebertwolkwitz occurred as part of this battle
    Battle of Leipzig
  32. The Battle of Mockern occurred as part of this battle
    Battle of Leipzig
  33. Dolitz was captured at the beginning of this battle
    Battle of Leipzig
  34. The Battle of Markkleeberg occurred near the start of this battle
    Battle of Leipzig
  35. This religious work kept talking about 10,000 creatures
    Tao Te Ching
  36. This president originally served as Jackson County judge
    Harry Truman
  37. Obaldia was the president of this Central American country
  38. The Vermillion River is a tributary of this American river
    Wabash River
  39. This US city is situated on Elliot Bay
  40. This economist described "pecuniary emulation"
    Thorstein Veblen
  41. The Thornton Affair led to hostilities that led to this war
    Mexican American War
  42. This man's presidency saw the creation of the Convode Committee
    James Buchanan
  43. This president signed the Americans with Disabilities Act
    George Bush I
  44. Operation Dynamo was the main rescue mission in this battle
    Battle of Dunkirk
  45. This thinker coined the term "logical atomism"
    Bertie Russell
  46. The Boyd Massacre was perpetrated by this group
  47. This famous Native American's name means "One Who Yawns"
  48. Mengistu led one government in this country
  49. This president was implicated in this Lance Affair
    Jimmy Carter
  50. This is the largest lake in England
    Lake Windermere
  51. This president lived on a plantation called Sherwood Forest
    John Tyler
  52. This president lived on Sagamore Hill
    Teddy Roosevelt
  53. This ruler was preceded by Abubakari II
    Mansa Musa
  54. The Pilbara is a desert region in this country
  55. The Second Council of Lyon was important in this church event
    Great Schism
  56. This country boasts the largest game reserve in the road
  57. This politician led a failed expedition to discover the source of the Mississippi River
    Lewis Cass
  58. This man was Andrew Jackson's Secretary of War
    Lewis Cass
  59. This politician directed indian removal in the 1830s
    Lewis Cass
  60. The Tablazo Strait connects this lake to the sea
    Lake Maracaibo
  61. This naval captain led ships in the Battle of Copenhagen
    William Bligh
  62. This thinker wrote Poverty of Philosophy
    Karl Marx
  63. This island was once known as St. John's Island
    Prince Edward Island
  64. This man defended the pass leading into Valley Forge
    Aaron Burr
  65. This presidential candidate once prosecuted Lucky Luciano
    Thomas Dewey
  66. Wu Zetian was a leader of this dynasty
    Tang Dynasty
  67. This thinker wrote that crime is linked to individuality
    Emile Durkheim
  68. The Treaty of London ended this war
    Balkans War
  69. Whitney v California extended this case
    Schenck v US
  70. Pengu is a god in this religion
  71. This man wrote the Camillus Papers
    Alexander Hamilton
  72. This president executed two British people
    Andrew Jackson
  73. Somebody wrote "Three Brief Proofs of" this psychological theory
    Arrow's Impossibility Theorem
  74. The Treaty of the Bogue helped end one of these conflicts
    Opium Wars
  75. This man was premier during the Sinyavsky-Daniel Affair
    Leonid Brezhnev
  76. The East Mountain Teaching is central to this religious system
    Zen Buddhism
  77. This leader won the Battle of Cajamarca
  78. The al-Maktum family leads this emirate
  79. This thinker wrote Silva Silvarum
    Francis Bacon
  80. This economist wrote Engineers and the Price System
    Thorstein Veblen
  81. This guy was succeeded as consul by Aulus Hirtius
    Mark Antony
  82. This man lost the Battle of Mutina
    Mark Antony
  83. The Battle of Wandiwash was fought during this war
    Seven Years' War
  84. The Battle of Rossbach occurred during this war
    Seven Years' War
  85. The Battle of Leuthen occurred during this war
    Seven Years' War
  86. Harvey Carr and worked with James Watson on this experiment
  87. This thinker wrote the Book on Adler
    Soren Kierkegaard
  88. This thinker wrote The Origin of Family, Private Property, and the State
    Friedrich Engels
  89. Thomas Mifflin was the governor of the state during this rebellion
    Whiskey Rebellion
  90. Soldiers met at Parkison's Ferry in this event
    Whiskey Rebellion
  91. This thinker wrote The Fateful Triangle
    Noam Chomsky
  92. This ruler assembled the Chosen Council
    Ivan the Terrible
  93. This thinker wrote about the "Disease of the Learned"
    David Hume
  94. The Pinnacle Commune is centered around this "religion"
  95. The Promise Key is a major text in this work
  96. This thinker wrote A New Theory of Vision
    George Berkeley
  97. "Of Human Bondage" is a section of this work
  98. The Akerselva River flows through this city
  99. This war was called the Pork & Beans War
    Aroostook War
  100. The Duke of Buckingham was the favorite advisor of this king
    James I
  101. The Act of Accord affected fighting in this war
    War of the Roses
  102. This leader created the Plan of Guadalupe
    Pancho Villa
  103. The Humber River flows through this city
  104. This city lies at the nexus of the Golden Horseshoe
  105. This thinker coined the "Rational Moral Principle"
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  106. This man is considered the "Last European Dictator"
    Alexander Lukashenko
  107. Zhivkov was the ruler of this European nation for 40 years
  108. This man coined the term "cognitive dissonance"
    Leon Festinger
  109. The Antipodes are owned by this country
    New Zealand
  110. This ruler won the battles of Quipaipan and Chimborazo
  111. This US military commander led the Rainbow Division
    Douglas MacArthur
  112. This thinker wrote History of my Calamities
    Peter Abelard
  113. Layla al-Qadr is celebrated at the end of this holiday
  114. This thinker wrote Constitution of Liberty
    FA Hayek
  115. The "blue lights" were members in this meeting
    Hartford Convention
  116. This guy was PM during the Don Pacifico Affair
  117. These bodies are spirits in Voodoo
  118. Structures created by this thinker are "eternal" and "indecomposable"
    Gottfried Liebnitz
  119. This empire was created from the Twelve Doors
  120. The Chicago Boys were economic advisors of this leader
    Augusto Pinochet
  121. This thinker wrote Answer to Job
    Carl Jung
  122. This ancient work contains the Melian Dialogue
    History of the Peloponnesian Wars
  123. There are 36 levels of heaven in this syncretic religion
    Cao Dai
  124. The Uinta Mountains are located in this state
  125. This thinker defined "Rent"
    Thomas Malthus
  126. This thinker defined "Marriage"
    Immanuel Kant
  127. The French forgot their pavices at this battle
    Battle of Crecy
  128. Thalia is the main book written by this heretic
  129. This country has the highest lowest point in the world
  130. The Batho party is in this country
  131. Parliament passed the Recusants Act during this man's rule
    James I
  132. This king presided over the "Overbury Affair"
    James I
  133. This ruler presided over the Addled Parliament
    James I
  134. This ruler was the subject of the Bye Plot
    James I
  135. This ruler was the subject of the Main Plot
    James I
  136. There are "Real" and "Pecuniary" types of this economic entity
  137. This Chinese ruler killed himself by swallowing mercury pills
    Qin Shi Huangdi
  138. Mount Mansfield is the largest mountain in this state
  139. The Etosha and Makgadikgadi Plains are in this region
    Kalahari Desert
  140. The Sawatch Range lies in this state
  141. This man was succeeded as President of Mexico by Manuel Gonzales
    Porfirio Diaz
  142. People use lots of tree branches in this holiday
  143. This explorer worked for the Cathay Company
    Martin Frobisher
  144. This lake is surrounded by the Herbert Hoover Dike
    Lake Okeechobee
  145. This battle was ought along the Mystic River
    Battle of Bunker Hill
  146. This ruler won the Battle of Tewkesbury
    Richard III
  147. This politician escaped imprisonment and fled to Spain
    Boss Tweed
  148. Tolui and Jochi are sons of this ruler
    Genghis Khan
  149. The Karluk River flows through this major Alaskan island
    Kodiak Island
  150. This leader escorted Chief Black Hawk to custody
    Jefferson Davis
  151. The Iron Brigade was a major unit in this Civil War battle
    Second Battle of Bull Run
  152. This president's Secretary of State was William Marcy
    Franklin Pierce
  153. Lafonia is a major region in this island group
    Falkland Islands
  154. The Jason Islands are owned by this archipelago
    Falkland Islands
  155. Queen Charlotte Bay is in this archipelago
    Falkland Islands
  156. Preston Manning led this party in Canada
    Conservative Party
  157. Bulawayo was the capital of this country
  158. Alboin was the king of this region
  159. This kingdom reached its zenith under Liutprand
  160. Herodotus was from this city
  161. The Saint Elizabeth Day Flood occurred in this European nation
  162. This nation was the site of the Hook and Cod Wars
  163. The Nafusa Mountains lie in this country
  164. This ruler is the son of Robert and Herleva
    William the Conqueror
  165. The Yonne is a major tributary of this river
    Seine River
  166. The Beskids are a bunch of mountain ranges in this larger mountain range
  167. The Vanata River flows through this city
  168. This senator succeeded Caleb Boggs as senator from his state
    Joe Biden
  169. This ruler won the Battle of Carchemish
    Nebuchadnezzar II
  170. This ruler sieged Tyre for 13 years
    Nebuchadnezzar II
  171. This politician was Chief Justice for the case Georgia v Brailsford
    John Jay
  172. The March 14 and 8 Alliances were prominent in this country
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