psyc 363 - chapter 4

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  1. How do people make privilege happen?
    • Through their actions in relation to others (i.e. discriminate).
    • >discrimination helps maintain privilege.
  2. How can males also be hurt by gender inequality? 2 points.
    To always try to retain control > maintain power.

    • Have to try to always "measure up" to being a man.
    • Compete constantly with other men.
  3. Is violence against gays and women related?
  4. How?
    Gays threaten straight males by undermining what "real men" are > don't need to have sexual power over women > threatens accepted existing gender relationships, illegitmizes it.

    Lesbians challenge "manhood" by not submitting to men as sexual partners.
  5. How are whites affected by "race troubles"?
    • Hypersensitive to race issues b/c of discomfort
    • Uncomfortable around blacks
    • Low morale b/c racism points out hypocriticalness of values (i.e. fairness, equality, decency, justice)
  6. Is problem with privilege related only to individuals?

    Problems also exist in organizations, communities & society.
  7. How is it related to organizations, communities and societies?
    B/c they act as though issues don't exist > deal with everything in panic mode > get rid of "trouble-makers" > maintain status quo.

    • White men don't properly mentor non-whites and females.
    • > treat them "fairly" by treating them like other whites w/o being able to understand their plight.

    Problem > culture of DENIAL & NEGLECT
  8. How can change to existing problem of privilege be made?
    • Not in healing messages:
    • pretend that bad stuff is in the past
    • damage only emotional, not in tangible terms
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