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  1. This ruler gained territory in the Treaty of Stolbovo
    Gustavus Adolphus
  2. This woman was the translator and mistress of Hernan Cortes
    La Malinche
  3. This Revolutionary commander won the Battle of Black Mingo
    Francis Marion
  4. This city was bombed on Ugly Wednesday
  5. Reinhard Heydrich was shot in this city
  6. This Greek city-state supported Xerxes at Plataea
  7. Eric Drummond, Sean Lester, and Joseph Avenol all led this organization
    League of Nations
  8. One branch of this family is the Marche-Vendome
    House of Bourbon
  9. The September Laws were passed by this monarch
    Louis Philippe
  10. This ruler's daughter Amalasuntha became regent after his death
    Theodoric the Great
  11. Emperor Zeno made this man consul
    Theodoric the Great
  12. This man executed Odoacer in his capital (Leader and Capital)
    • Theodoric the Great
    • Ravenna
  13. Charles Sumner was succeeded as senator by a man with this last name
  14. This ruler's group of advisors were known as the Chicago Boys
    Augusto Pinochet
  15. This man gained power with the DINA secret police
    Augusto Pinochet
  16. This commander won the Battle of Tricamarum
  17. This president preceded Jacob Zuma
    Thabo Mbeki
  18. This explorer was nicknamed "Clubfoot"
  19. This movement was preceded by the failed Hundred Days Reform
    Boxer Rebellion
  20. The Seymour Expedition was a failed attempt to put down this rebellion
    Boxer Rebellion
  21. The Taiyuan Massacre occurred during this event
    Boxer Rebellion
  22. This man was the first Chancellor of a united Germany
    Helmut Kohl
  23. This city was the capital of West Germany
  24. This was a communist group in West Germany
    Red Army Faction
  25. This Greek fled Greece to hide with Artaxerxes late in life
  26. The "Blood in the Water" March was conducted in this country
  27. This bill gave rise to the Chartist Movement
    Reform Bill
  28. This fort was called Carillon by the French
    Fort Ticonderoga
  29. Jeffrey Amherst seized this fort from the French
    Fort Ticonderoga
  30. The Orontes River was central to this ancient battle
    Battle of Kadesh
  31. This movement failed because of Baron Haussmann's renovations
    Paris Commune
  32. This son of Indira Gandhi was supposed to be her successor
    Sanjay Gandhi
  33. This man was almost married in the Treaty of Greenwich
    Edward VI
  34. This woman was the mother of Edward VI
    Jane Seymour
  35. This South Carolinian was briefly Chief Justice
    John Rutledge
  36. This battle was the last major revolutionary battle in the Carolinas
    Battle of Eutaw Springs
  37. Daniel Morgan beat Banastre Tarleton at this battle
    Battle of Cowpens
  38. Loyalists and Indians ambushed Nicholas Herkimer at this Revolutionary War Battle
    Battle of Orsikany
  39. Roberval replaced this French explorer
    Jacques Cartier
  40. Jean Le Veneur and Francis I helped this French explorer start exploring
    Jacques Cartier
  41. This event is commemorated on Christopher Street Day
    Stonewall Riots
  42. Tobias Lear negotiated the treaty to end one of these conflicts
    Barbary Wars
  43. The Battle of Derne ended one of these conflicts
    Barbary Wars
  44. One man of this name interrupted Hohenstaufen rule of the HRE
  45. This city was captured by Cyrus after the Battle of Opis
  46. This man led a militia to put down the Gunpowder Incident
    Patrick Henry
  47. William Wirt wrote a biography of this revolutionary
    Patrick Henry
  48. This man was the longest serving pope
    Pius IX
  49. This ancient culture toppled the neo-Assyrian Empire
  50. This Nubian kingdom had a capital at Meroe
  51. This culture lived in the steppes above the Black and Caspian Seas
  52. This general was injured at Fair Oaks/Seven Pines
    Joseph Johnston
  53. This kingdom lost the Battle of Maserfield
  54. This kingdom was founded when Oswald unified Bernicia and Deira
  55. This pope was succeeded by Honorius III
    Innocent III
  56. This king sent the Peasants' Crusade to their deaths
    Alexius I Comnenus
  57. Eugene of Savoy won this battle that led to the Treaty of Karlowitz
    Battle of Zenta
  58. This king allied with Harpagus against Astyages
    Cyrus the Great
  59. This city founded Syracuse
  60. This battle was preceded by the Battle of Beaumont
    Battle of Sedan
  61. This guy's mentor was Metellus
    Gaius Marius
  62. This politician sponsored the Seaman's Act
    Robert LaFollette
  63. Jesse Thomas tried to amend this piece of legislation
    Missouri Compromise
  64. Rollo founded this people
  65. This man's headquarters was at Drvar
    Josip Broz Tito
  66. This act established the US Mint
    Coinage Act
  67. This was started in part due to the Tonghak Rebellion
    Sino-Japanese War
  68. John Pym led this body
    Long Parliament
  69. The Self-Denying Ordinance focused on this body
    Long Parliament
  70. The Furstenbund was created to oppose this ruler
    Joseph II
  71. This philosopher wrote about "Preliminary Expectoration"
    Soren Kierkegaard
  72. Dag Hammarskjold was succeeded as Secretary General by this man
    U Thant
  73. This man helped Count de Frontenac found a colony on Lake Ontario
    Robert de La Salle
  74. This explorer was recorded by Louis Hennepin
    Robert de La Salle
  75. This king wed Berengaria of Navarre
    Richard the Lionheart
  76. This law was struck down in US v Butler
  77. This general didn't win the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain
    William T Sherman
  78. This ruler won the Battle of Soissons
  79. Lu Buwei may have been this ruler's real father
    Qin Shi Huangdi
  80. Zhao Gao tried to take power after this ruler
    Qin Shi Huangdi
  81. This anthropologist proved that the Oedipus Complex wasn't present everywhere
    Bronislaw Malinowski
  82. This commander won the First Battle of Adobe Walls
    Kit Carson
  83. This man wrote The Bloody Tenet of Persecution
    Roger Williams
  84. This man was president during the First Chechen War
    Boris Yeltsin
  85. This man was the first head of the SEC
    Joe Kennedy
  86. This man was Britain's first Labour Prime Minister
    Ramsey MacDonald
  87. This man was ousted as PM after the Stamp Act
    George Grenville
  88. This election saw the first televised national party convention
    Election of 1948
  89. This prime minister signed the Auto Pact
    Lester Pearson
  90. This man resigned as PM following the failed Irish Coercion Bill
    Robert Peel
  91. This dynasty was founded by Liu Band
    Han Dynasty
  92. This guy founded the Quakers
    George Fox
  93. This man died just after being appointed to the Supreme Court by Grant
    Edwin Stanton
  94. The Brazov Rebellion occurred in this country
  95. Moorfield Storey was the first president of this organization
  96. This city is also known as Urga
    Ulan Bator
  97. The Ten Years War was an independence movement in this country
  98. Lake Skoder is in the northern end of this country
  99. Stephen II was the first ruler of this political entity
    Papal States
  100. This man was minister to Great Britain when the Ostend Manifesto was written
    James Buchanan
  101. This economist wrote The Theory of Money and Credit
    Ludwig von Mises
  102. This is the fourth-largest city in Germany
  103. Andijan is a major city in this country
  104. Samarkand is a city in this country
  105. The Severn River flows through this city
  106. This wealthy man gave money in the Hall-Carbine Affair
    JP Morgan
  107. Tomas Masaryk was the first president of this political entity
  108. Operation Bowler was an attack on this Italian city
  109. The Rhodope Mountains are in this country
  110. Lake Toba is a lake on this island
  111. This emperor wrote a Letter to Alexandria
  112. This emperor wrote a Treatise on Dice Playing
  113. This emperor's general was Plautus
  114. This polity signed the Reciprocity Treaty
  115. This river lies in the Barotse floodplain
    Zambezi River
  116. Levi Boone was the first major politician elected from this party
    Know Nothing Party
  117. This country gained independence through the Alvor Agreement
  118. The April 19th Movement occurred in this country
    South Korea
  119. Humphrey's Peak is the highest point in this state
  120. Pace v Alabama was related to this Supreme Court case
    Loving v Virginia
  121. This ruler succeeded Ruizong
    Wu Zetian
  122. Royalist forces won this war's Battle of Adwalton Moor
    English Civil War
  123. Royalists won this war's Battle of Braddock Down
    English Civil War
  124. This river is formed by the confluence of the French Broad and Holston Rivers
    Tennessee River
  125. This guy is paired with Gaius Marius in Parallel Lives
  126. This pope called the Fourth Lateran Council
    Innocent III
  127. Point Pedro is the northern end of this island
    Sri Lanka
  128. Dondrahead is the southernmost point of this island
    Sri Lanka
  129. Delft Island is owned by this island nation
    Sri Lanka
  130. This writer taught Egbert
    Venerable Bede
  131. This writer wrote about the Synod of Whitby
    Venerable Bede
  132. This city lies on the New Meuse River
  133. This body of water lies near the Toshka Lakes
    Lake Nasser
  134. The Pigeon River lies in this mountain range
    Great Smoky Mountains
  135. Clingman's Dome is the highest part of this mountain range
    Great Smoky Mountains
  136. Jesse Jones led this Depression-era organization
    Reconstruction Finance Corporation
  137. The Ghadar Conspiracy led to this massacre
    Amritsar Massacre
  138. The Hunter Commission was created to investigate this event
    Amritsar Massacre
  139. The Rowlatt Acts helped spark this massacre
    Amritsar Massacre
  140. This city was the Gassanid capital
  141. This city was the biblical Philadelphia
  142. This commander was surprised at the Battle of Trevilian Station
    Philip Sheridan
  143. The mouth of the Lempa River is located in this country
    El Salvador
  144. Patrice Lumumba was the first president of this country
    DR Congo
  145. This religion's main scriptures are 14 Purvas
  146. US House Speaker Tom Foley is from this state
  147. This ruler put down a revolt led by Li Tan
    Kublai Khan
  148. This ruler captured the Kingdom of Dali
    Kublai Khan
  149. This ruler led a failed invasion of Java
    Kublai Khan
  150. Ariq Boke was the brother of this Mongol ruler
    Kublai Khan
  151. This European ruler won the Battle of Tolbiac
  152. This ruler was the son of Childeric I
  153. Jose Rodriguez de Francia, or El Supremo, was the dictator of this country
  154. This Supreme Court justice wrote The Common Law
    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr
  155. This ruler took power over his country after the Treaty of Miramar
  156. This man was made King of Poland by the Congress of Vienna
    Alexander I
  157. One of the largest islands in this state is Prudence
    Rhode Island
  158. Aquidneck Island is in this state
    Rhode Island
  159. Castletown can be found on this island
    Isle of Man
  160. Douglas is the capital of this island
    Isle of Man
  161. There is a lighthouse on Chicken Rock in this island
    Isle of Man
  162. This psychologist wrote The Teacher's Word Book
    Edward Thorndike
  163. Pyramid Lake can be found in this state
  164. Walter Cummings was instrumental in the start of this organization
  165. This act helped to create the FDIC
    Glass-Steagall Act
  166. The Medjerda River is the largest river in this nation
  167. The thirteenth of these popes condemned Jansenism
    Innocent (XIII)
  168. The Bayh-Celler Proposal led to the passing of this amendment
    25th Amendment
  169. Sassafras Mountain is the highest peak in this country
    South Carolina
  170. This state contains the Santee River
    South Carolina
  171. William the Lion led a revolt against this king
    Henry II
  172. This country contains the Kangai Mountains
  173. This guy won his first election against Howard J McMurray
    Joseph McCarthy
  174. This river flows through the Endless Mountains
    Susquehanna River
  175. This river begins in Otsego Lake
    Susquehanna River
  176. This king died while besieging Mantes
    William the Conqueror
  177. This president studied at the University of North Carolina
    James K Polk
  178. This ruler was the son of Philippa
    Henry the Navigator
  179. The al-Azhar Mosque is a huge mosque in this city
  180. This man bought Aaron Burr's Manhattan property
    John Jacob Astor
  181. Archbishop Makarios III helped lead this nation's independence movement
  182. This dam created a second, lesser lake called Banks Lake
    Grand Coulee Dam
  183. This thinker wrote The Life of Reason
    George Santayana
  184. This city was once ruled in part by the Hasmonean Kingdom
  185. Benjamin Lincoln surrendered his forces during the Revolutionary War in this city
  186. Sullivan's Island lies at the mouth of this city's harbor
  187. This ruler's secretary was Antonio Perez
    Philip II
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