MedTerm Sec 7

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  1. ad-
  2. anti-
    against, opposing
  3. dia-
  4. dys-
    bad, abnormal, painful, difficult
  5. pan-
    all, entire
  6. peri-
    around, about
  7. re-
  8. abdomin/o
    abdomen, abdominal cavity
  9. an/o
  10. append/o
    to hang onto, appendix
  11. bil/i
  12. cec/o
    blind intestine, cecum
  13. celi/o
    abdomen, abdominal cavity
  14. cheil/o
  15. chol/e
    bile, gall
  16. choledoch/o
    common bile duct
  17. cirrh/o
  18. col/o
  19. dent/o
  20. diverticul/o
    small blind pouch, diverticulum
  21. duoden/o
    twelve, duodenum
  22. enter/o
    small intestine
  23. esophag/e, esophag/o
    gullet, esophagus
  24. gastr/o
  25. gingiv/o
  26. gloss/o
  27. halit/o
  28. hepat/o
  29. hemorrh/o
    likely to bleed
  30. hern/o
    rupture or protrusion through a weakened membrane or wall
  31. ile/o
    to roll, ileum
  32. inguin/o
  33. jejun/o
    empty, jejunum
  34. lapar/o
  35. lingu/o
  36. lith/o
  37. or/o
  38. palat/o
    roof of the mouth, palate
  39. pancreat/o
    sweetbread, pancreas
  40. peps/o
  41. phag/o
    eat, swallow
  42. pharyng/o
    throat, pharynx
  43. polyp/o
    small growth, polyp
  44. proct/o
    rectum, anus
  45. pylor/o
    gatekeeper, pylorus
  46. rect/o
    straight, erect, rectum
  47. sial/o
  48. sigmoid/o
    the letter "S"
  49. spasm/o
    sudden, involuntary muscle contraction
  50. steat/o
  51. stomat/o
  52. uvul/o
    grape, uvula
  53. -cele
    hernia, swelling, protrusion
  54. -centesis
    surgical puncture to aspirate fluids
  55. -emesis
  56. -emetic
    pertaining to vomiting
  57. -iasis
    condition of
  58. -malacia
  59. -pepsia
    condition of digestion
  60. -ptosis
    falling down, drooping
  61. -rrhaphy
  62. -rrhea
    excessive discharge (of fluid)
  63. -stomy
    surgical creation of an opening
  64. Cardia
    region of stomach near esophagus
  65. Fundus
    upper dome of stomach
  66. Body
    central area of stomach
  67. Pylorus
    lower area joins the small intestine
  68. bil
  69. card
  70. cec
    blind intestine
  71. col
  72. duoden
  73. esophag
  74. gastr
  75. ile
    to roll
  76. jejun
  77. or
  78. palat
    roof of the mouth
  79. pancreat
  80. peritone
    to stretch over
  81. pylor
  82. rect
    straight, erect
  83. uvul
  84. aphagia
    inability to swallow
  85. ascites
    accumulation of fluid within peritoneal cavity, symptom of liver dysfunction
  86. constipation
    reduced peristalsis in large intestine resulting in ingrequent or incomplete defecation
  87. diarrhea
    frequent discharge of watery fecal material
  88. dyspepsia
  89. dysphagia
    difficulty in swallowing
  90. flatus
    condition of gas trapped in GI tract or released through the anus
  91. gastrodynia
    pain in the stomach
  92. halitosis
    bad breath
  93. hematemesis
    vomiting blood
  94. hepatomegaly
    enlargement of the liver
  95. hyperbilirubinemia
    excessive levels of bile pigment bilirubin in blood
  96. jaundice
    yellowish staining of skin, sclera of eyes, and deeper tissues caused b accumulation of bile pigments in bloodstream that are normally removed by the liver
  97. nausea
    symptomatic urge to vomit
  98. reflux
    backward flow of material in GI tract or regurgitation
  99. steatorrhea
    abnormal fat levels in feces
  100. adhesion
    abnormal growth connecting two surfaces which may arise as a complication to healing after surgery
  101. anorexia nervosa
    personailty disorder characterized by extreme aversion to food resulting in weight loss and malnourishment
  102. appendicitis
    inflammation of appendix
  103. bulimia
    eating disorder involving gorging with food and then inducing vomiting or laxatives
  104. cheilitis
    inflammation of the lip
  105. cholangioma
    tumor originating from a bile duct, usually within the liver
  106. cholecystitis
    inflammation of gallbladder
  107. choledocholithiasis
    presence of mineralized masses in gall bladder or common bile duct, blocking flow. gallstones
  108. cholelithiasis
    generalized condition of gallstones
  109. cirrhosis
    chronic, progressive liver disease resulting from hepatic cell failure, may be caused by virus or chronic alcoholism
  110. colitis
    inflammation of colon
  111. colorectal cancer
    cancer of the colon and rectum
  112. Crohn's disease
    chronic inflammation of any part of GI tract, usually ileum, small ulcerations of intestinal wall resulting in scar tissue and intestinal obstruction
  113. diverticulitis
    inflammation of abnormal small pouches in wall of colon
  114. diverticulosis
    condition of diverticula of colon
  115. duodenal ulcer
    ulcer in wall of duodenum
  116. dysentery
    severe inflammation of intestine marked by frequent diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, dehydration
  117. enteritis
    inflammation of small intestine
  118. esophagitis
    inflammation of esophagus
  119. gastric cancer
    cancer of stomach
  120. gastric ulcer
    ulcer in wall of stomach
  121. gastritis
    inflammation of the stomach
  122. gastroenteritis
    inflammation of stomach and small intestine
  123. gastroenterocolitis
    inflammation of stoamch, small intestine, and colon
  124. gastroesophageal reflux disease
    recurring backflow of stomach contents into esophagus, eating away lower esohpahgus
  125. gastromalcia
    softening of stoamch wall
  126. giardiasis
    infection of intestinal protozoa
  127. gingivitis
    inflammation of gums
  128. glossitis
    inflammation of tongue
  129. glossopathy
    generalized disease of the tongue
  130. hemorrhoids
    varicose condition of veins in anus resulting in painful swellings
  131. hepatitis
    inflammation of the liver
  132. hepatoma
    tumor of liver
  133. hiatal hernia
    protrusion of part of stomach upward through opening in diaphragm
  134. ileitis
    inflammation of the ileum
  135. ileus
    an obstruction of intestine
  136. inflammatory bowel disease
    syndrome affecting intestines and characterized by wide range of symptoms
  137. inguinal hernia
    protrusion of a loop of small intestine through abdominal wall in groin
  138. intussusception
    infolding of a segment of the intestine within another segment
  139. IBS
    chronic disease characterized by periodic disturbances of large intestinal function
  140. lactose intolerance
    lack of enxyme lactase in small intestine
  141. palatitis
    inflammation of palate
  142. pancreatitis
    inflammation of pancreas
  143. parotitis
    inflammation of parotid gland, mumps
  144. peptic ulcer
    erosion in wall of stomach, duodenum, or other GI part due to gastric juice and reduction of mucus layer
  145. peritonitis
    inflammation of peritoneum
  146. polyp
    abnormal mass of tissue that projects outward from a wall, usually benign growths
  147. polyposis
    presence of many polyps usually in colon
  148. proctitis
    inflammation of rectum and anus
  149. proctoptosis
    prolapse of rectum
  150. rectocele
    protrusion of rectum
  151. sialoadenitis
    inflammation of a salivary gland
  152. sialolith
    mineralized object, or stone, in a salivary gland
  153. stomatitis
    inflammation of the mouth
  154. strangulated hernia
    hernia constricted reducing blood glow to organ
  155. umbilical hernia
    protrusion of loop of intestine through abdominal wall
  156. uvulitis
    inflammation of uvula
  157. volvulus
    twisting of intestine that leads to obstruction
  158. abdominocentesis
    surgical puncture through the abdominal wall to remove fluid
  159. abdominoperineal resection
    surgical removal of colon and rectum that includes entry through both the abdomen and perineum ie colostomy
  160. abdominoplasty
    surgical repair of the abdomen
  161. anoplasty
    surgical repair of the anus
  162. antacid
    drug that neutralizes stomach acid
  163. antiemetic
    drug that prevents or stops vomiting
  164. antispasmodic
    drug that decreases peristalsis in GI tract to arrest spasm or diarrhea
  165. appendectomy
    surgical removal, or excision, of the appendix
  166. barium enema
    enema containing barium administered for lower GI series diagnostic test using x-ray
  167. cathartic
    drug that stimulates peristalsis of the colon
  168. celiotomy
    incision into abdominal cavity
  169. cheilorrhaphy
    suture of the lip
  170. cholangiogram
    x-ray image of bile ducts between the liver, gallbladder, and duodenum
  171. cholecystectomy
    excision of gallbladder
  172. cholecystogram
    • x-ray image of gallbladder
    • excision of colon
  173. choledocholithotomy
    incision into common bile duct to remove obstructions
  174. colectomy
    excision of the colon
  175. colonoscopy
    visual examination of colon
  176. colostomy
    surgical creation of an opening into the colon by way of the abdominal wall, which establishes an artificial anus
  177. diverticulectomy
    excision of a diverticulum
  178. endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
    endoscopic procedure that includes x-ray fluoroscopy to visualiize ducts of liver, gallbladder, and pancreas
  179. endoscopic ultrasound
    diagnostic procedure that combines the use of an endoscope and an ultrasound probe to generate images of the intestinal wall to evaluate tumor progression
  180. esophagogastroduodenoscopy
    visual exam from esophagus down to duodenum
  181. esophagoscopy
    visual exam of esophagus with esophagoscope
  182. fecal occult blood test
    lab test performed to detect blood in feces
  183. gastrectomy
    surgical removal of any part of stomach or in extreme cases, entire organ
  184. gastric lavage
    cleansing procedure in which the stomach is rinsed with a saline solution
  185. gastroscopy
    visual examination of stomach with endoscope
  186. gastrostomy
    surgical creation of new opening into stomach
  187. gavage
    process of feeding patient through a tube from nasal tube
  188. gingivectomy
    surgical removal of diseased tissue in gums
  189. glossorrhaphy
    suture of the tongue
  190. hemicolectomy
    excision of approximately one-half of colon
  191. hemorrhoidectomy
    excision of hemorrhoids
  192. hepatobiliary
    focus on diseases of liver, gallbladder, and bile ducts
  193. herniorrhaphy
    surgical repair of a hernia
  194. ileostomy
    surgical opening through the abdominal wall and into the ileum-makes second anus
  195. laparoscopy
    visual exam of abdominal cavity with laparoscope
  196. laparotomy
    incision into the abdomen
  197. palatoplasty
    surgical repair of palate
  198. polypectomy
    excision of polyp
  199. proctology
    focuses on the treatment of diseases of the rectum and anus
  200. proctoscopy
    visual exam of rectum with endoscope
  201. pyloroplasty
    surgical repair of pylorus region of stomach
  202. sigmoidoscopy
    visual exam of sigmoid colon
  203. uvulectomy
    excision of uvula
  204. uvulopalatopharyngoplasty
    surgical repair of uvula, palate, and pharynx ie forobstructive sleep apnea
  205. vagotomy
    surgical dissection of branches of vagus nerve
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