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  1. Tuna
    prickly-pear cactus
  2. Pulque
    a milky drink made from the juice of the agave, a family of Mexican desert plant
  3. Lymphatic
    containing the liquid of inflamed body tissue
  4. Bougainville
    a tropical vine with large colorful flowers
  5. indigene
    (noun) a native
  6. patron
    Spanish for master
  7. estuary
    an inlet formed where a river enters the ocean
  8. poultice
    an absorbent mass applied to a sore or inflamed part of the body
  9. hummock
    a low rounded hill
  10. incandescence
    state of gleaming or shining brilliantly
  11. precipitated
    formed abruptly
  12. distillate
    the essence of anything: (here) the atmosphere of the town
  13. lucent
    (adj,) shining
  14. threshed
  15. subjugation
    act of being brought under control
  16. consecrated
    (adj.) holy
  17. cozened
  18. La Paz
    City in southern Baja California
  19. tithe
    one tenth of one's income: (here) a small amount given to charity
  20. countenanced
    approved; supported
  21. waste
  22. freshet-washed
    washed by a stream
  23. benign
    good natured; harmless
  24. legerdemain
    trickery; tricks with the hand
  25. pesos
    Mexican unit of money
  26. collusion
    secret agreement for a illegal purpose
  27. spurned
    kicked; rejected
  28. coagulating
    becoming solid
  29. tules (too leez)
    grass-like plants
  30. kelp
  31. lethargy
    laziness or indifference
  32. skirled
    made a shrill piercing sound
  33. keenig
    wailing for the dead
  34. edifice
    imposing structure
  35. leprosy
    an infectious, disfiguring disease
  36. waning
    shrinking to a new moon
  37. Loreta
    a town on the western coast of Baja California
  38. station
    a religious shrine
  39. covert
    a hiding place
  40. cricked
  41. resinous smell
    odor from the pitchy substance that is discharged from some trees such as evergreens
  42. sentinel
  43. goading
  44. monolithic
    formed from a single block
  45. headed
    grew to maturity
  46. escarpment
    a long long cliff
  47. irresolution
  48. pampas grass
    grass that grows on treeless plains in the south
  49. petulant
    impatient; irritable
  50. amulet
    charm worn to protect against evil
  51. germane
    truly related
  52. intersession
    a prayer said on behalf of another person
  53. malignant
    harmful; likely to cause death
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