presidents - nixon

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presidents - nixon
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nixon through reagan
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  1. detente
    policy to relax tension between the US and communist bloc
  2. inflation
    increase in prices and fall of purchasing value
  3. carl bernstein/bob woodward?
    reporters for the washington post who broke story about watergate
  4. trade defecit?
    the value of imports is greater than exports
  5. SALT?
    • strategic arms limitation treaty
    • limited the number of ICBM's and submarine launched missiles
    • restricted the development of defensive missible systems
  6. Embargo
    put in place against US by Arab nations because they wanted the US to stop supporting Israel
  7. OPEC?
    • organization of petroleum exporting countries
    • *13 countries involved
  8. Henrgy kissinger?
    nixons national security advisor
  9. ping pong diplomacy?
    a cultural exchange with china to help support nixon's plan to better our relationship with china
  10. shuttle diplomacy?
    a mediator would travel back and forth between countries for negotiations; used in middle east
  11. strategic parity?
    • used in SALT I
    • if both sides have nuclear weapons, then neither side would attack
  12. yom kippur war?
    • US supported israel
    • led to the oil embargo against the US by OPEC
  13. China?
    • travel and trade restrictions were lifted
    • nixon was 1st pres to visit
  14. Watergate?
    • scandal involving nixon
    • said that nixon had approved plans to pay the watergate burglars hush money to remain silent
    • nixon resigned because of it
  15. Ford/Rockefeller?
    • ford became president after nixon resigned; rockefeller was his VP
    • *first unelected presidential team in history
  16. Balance of payment?
    the difference between what a nation recieves from foreign countries and what it spends overseas
  17. new federalism?
    • partnership between federal gov't and the states
    • gives responsibility to state and local gov'ts
  18. leonid brezhnev?
    soviet leader