Review for Japan Test

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  1. What 2 cities did the U.S. drop atomic bombs on?
    Hiroshima & Nagasaki
  2. Lady Murasaki was credited with writing "The Tale of Genji", the world's first ________
  3. Manga books, in Japan, are written for _______

    a children
    b men
    c all ages
    for all ages
  4. The arts of bonsai, ikebana, gyotaku, and haiku all demonstrate Japan's love of ________

    a technology
    b nature
    c war
  5. After World War II, the Japanese people learned what?

    a Their emperor was entirely responsible for the war.
    b Their emperor was going to be dethroned.
    c Their emperor was not divine.
    Their emperor was not divine.
  6. What is the art of creating miniature trees?
  7. The Shinto religion is unique in that ____________

    a comes from China
    b has no founder and no concern with the afterlife
    c only worships mountains
    has no founder and no concern with the afterlife
  8. What blend of two religions do most Japanese follow?

    a Shinto & Buddhism
    b Shinto & Christianity
    c Shinto & Islam
    Shinto & Buddhism
  9. The largest and most crowded island in Japan is

    a Shikoku
    b Kyushu
    c Honshu
  10. What percentage of Japan is covered with mountains?

    a 90%
    b 70%
    c 50%
  11. What is the tallest peak in Japan?
    Mt. Fuji
  12. Japan has active volcanoes, hot springs, and earthquakes because it is located along the _____

    a Earthquake Alley
    b San Andreas Fault
    c Ring of Fire
    Ring of Fire
  13. What nation occupied Japan after World War II?
    The United States
  14. What helped cause the economic slow-down of the 1990s?

    a Japan's involvement in the war
    b competition from developing nations
    c a serious drought
    competition from developing nations
  15. What is Japan's primary source of food?
    the sea
  16. Followers of Shinto worship and pray to

    a objects in nature
    b ancestors
    c both of the above
    both of the above
  17. Japan is an archipelago of about 4,000 islands, that taken together equal a land mass about the size of what U.S. state?

    a California
    b Michigan
    c Texas
  18. The Japanese call their country _________
  19. Japan has a large population , but has very little _____

    a living space
    b fishing industry
    c industry
    living space
  20. What product helped the Japanese get their start in the electronics industry?

    a computers
    b televisions
    c transistor radios
    transistor radios
  21. Before the mid 1800s, Japan ______)

    a had good trade relations with the U.S.
    b shut itself off from the western world
    c exported fish to other countries
    shut itself off from the western world
  22. What is the name of Japan's legislature?
    The Diet
  23. Japan's new constitution, written in 1947, did not allow Japan to _______________

    a have a military capable of waging war
    b let women vote
    c have an emperor
    have a military capable of waging war
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