Cardiac Electrophysiology

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  1. What is invasive CE?
    Use of intra-cardiac catheter recordings to study arrhythmias during spontaneous or provoked response
  2. In broad complex tachycardias, whats it important to maintain?
    AV synchrony
  3. What does going inside the heart provide?
    • - Sensitivity
    • - Specificity
    • - EGMs
  4. Draw EGMs of the following:
    Atria, BoH, Purkinje and Branches
    Done?! ;)
  5. What are the diagnostic indications for EP?
    Establish a precise cause for syncope or palpitations
  6. What are the prognostic indications for EP?
    Assess risk of sudden death due to VTs or a rapidly conducting accessory pathway (WPW)
  7. What are the 3 therapeutic indications for EP?
    • - Ablation for relief of symptoms resulting from tachycardia
    • - Possible device implantation
    • - Drug choice
  8. What is the RF ablator?
    Uses radio frequency and AC current to destroy cells with heat energy
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