ford, carter, reagan

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  1. Camp David accords?
    • presidential retreat in maryland created by carter
    • brought egypt and israel together for a peace treaty
  2. ayatollah khomeni
    stepped in when Shah was forced to leave
  3. Shah?
    islamic leader of iran who was supported by the US but not by the iranians
  4. Anwar Sadat?
    • leader of egypt
    • part of camp david accords
  5. Iran hostages?
    • americans were taken hostage at US embassy in iran
    • release in 1981 when reagan became president
    • *carter failed at a rescue attempt
  6. menachem begin?
    • prime minister of israel who signed the camp david accords
    • *made peace treaty with egypt
  7. carters political background?
    • no national level experience
    • wanted to restore people's faith in the gov't
  8. mikhail gorbachev?
    last communist leader of the soviet union
  9. voodoo economics?
    cut taxes, reduce gov't deficits, reduce inflation, balance budget and rebuild american defenses
  10. supply side economics?
    economy is best stimulated by increase in the supply of goods rather than an increase in the demand for goods
  11. why did reagan cut programs?
    • cutting taxes created a budget deficit
    • felt he would never get congress to balance the budget
    • **led to most unbalance budget in history
  12. reagan doctrine?
    assissted guerilla groups who were fighting against communism or pro soviet groups
  13. contras?
    anti communist group that reagan sent aid to help fight the sandinistas secretly through CIA
  14. sandinistas?
    group of rebels that overthrow a pro americans government in nicaragua
  15. glasnost?
    • policy to end cold war
    • more freedom of religion and speech
  16. perestroika?
    • policy to end cold war
    • political and economic restructuring of the soviet union
  17. INF?
    • 1st treaty to call for the destruction of nuclear weapons
    • **beginning of end of cold war
  18. START?
    • aka SALT II
    • wanted to reduce the number of missiles that both sides had
  19. SDI?
    • "Star wars"
    • defense shield thta would intercept and destory nuclear missiles
  20. MAD?
    • belief that as long as both sides could destroy each other with nuclear weapons, they wouldnt use them
    • *reagan didnt believe in it
  21. sandra day o'connor?
    1st woman nominated to supreme court
  22. election of 1984?
    • reagan won against walter mondale
    • he focused on the economy and didnt argue over the issues
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