Health Assessment

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  1. Where is the deep cervical lymph nodes and how do you palpate them?
    • Under SCM
    • Palpate by having pt bend neck ear to shoulder on same side as node to relax muscle, then palpate under loose muscle.
  2. Where is the supraclavicular lymph node and what does it mean if its enflamed?
    • Just above the clavicle
    • Inflamation=chest congestion.
  3. What are some things to note about palpable lymph nodes?
    • location, size, shape, tender/nontender, quantity.
    • Nontender worse than tender, irregular worse than regular, fixed worse than movable.
  4. How do you treat an enlarged parotid gland that has gotten stuck (very painful)
    Give lemon drops. Will stimulate gland and should release.
  5. What is Grave's Disease and what causes it?
    • Large, bulging eyes.
    • Cause by over active thyroid
  6. What is Cushing's Disease and how can it be caused?
    • Moon faced. Face is unusually round.
    • Caused by over production/administration of corticosteroids.
  7. What is Bell's Palsy and how is it caused?
    • Mobility in only half of face.
    • Caused by a compromise to cranial nerve (CN) 7.
    • Mimics facial abnormalities associated with stroke.
  8. How would you describe a "Cachectic Appearance?"
    "Wasting disease." Thin, loss of color, vitality.
  9. What is Scleroderma?
    • Hardening of connective tissue. Can be seen in and around eyes-->asphyxiation because connective tissue also connects to lungs.
    • Skin will be stiff and unpliable.
  10. How do you test for CNIX function
    Shoulder shrug against resistence.
  11. Locations of glands and lymph nodes...
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  12. Name and location of cranial bones...
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