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  1. Where is the shimmy damper located?
    In the tail wheel
  2. What is the 1st thing you do to prepare for a DTA?
    Check out MRC deck, PPE gear, review ADB
  3. What MRC cards are used for the Daily & T/A?
    300 & 100
  4. What kind of Hydraulic fluid do we use on our A/C?
    MIL-PRF-83282 (Football score)
  5. What kind of oil is used for servicing the APU?
    Mil-PRF- 23699 ( Jordan)
  6. How long are the Daily & T/A's good for?
    D-72 HR & T/A 24 Hr
  7. How do we check the BIM indicators on the blades when doing a T/A?
    Visual Inspection
  8. What positon should the sonobouy launcher be in when sonobouies aren't installed?
    Vent, lock & bottle lever in dump position.
  9. When inspecting disconnect jaw seal what do you look for?
    Gouges, nicks, deterioration & security.
  10. What are the tire pressures?
    75-85 & 95-105 psi
  11. What pressure should the APU accumulator be serviced to?
    2100-3100 psi
  12. What pressure should the MRH Acmltr. be around?
    1250-1500 psi depends on temperature
  13. How many CADs are on a fire bottle?
    2 each
  14. Name the Press Differential Indicators (PDI's)
    13 in all (1 wave guide 15 psi 700-800psi on bottles. 7 on engines, 1MGB, 6 hydraulic pumps & 1 pilot asist module)
  15. What do you do if you get a bad fuel sample?
    Keep the sample, drain a gallon, and take another sample, if its bad then notify QA or Maintenance
  16. What PPE do we use when taking fuel samples?
    Splash proof goggles, apron, face shield, gloves, Sleeves are down.
  17. How long do you wait afer moving A/C to take fuel samples?
    2 hours
  18. How do we clean our fuel sample bottles?
    Water and alchol (50/50) Alchanist..
  19. What gear do we use when directing A/C at night?
  20. Where is the torque shaft upper bearing locaed and what do you check it for?
    Hyd. Bay. And checking for FOD, security, corrosion, proper lube.
  21. Where is the blade fold detent, what does it do and what do you check for?
    On Spindle, prevents lock pins from truning in fold position, cracks
  22. Name the three main dampners on the A/C.
    Viscous, Shimmy, Main Rotor Dampner
  23. Name the three copper beryllium parts on the main rotor head?
    Pitch lock housing, lock pin puller, droop stops.
  24. Identify the bomb rack LEMA and IFOBL.
    Linger Electromechanical Activator, and In Flight Operable Bomb Rack Lock
  25. What type of bomb racks do the A/C have?
    Bru - 14/A
  26. Where is the Rast Cad and how do you tell if it's been fired?
    Above the motor, and you can tell by the Cotter Pin.
  27. Name all the Cads on the A/C.
    4 on Fire Bottle, 3 Bomb Racks (2 each), Rescue Hoist, Rast, Mad Bird, Cargo Hook,
  28. Approximately what pressure does hydraulic fluid flow through the lines?
    3000 PSI
  29. How fast do you tow an A/C?
    5 mph or as fast as the slowest walker.
  30. What is the only method authorized for shear wire?
    Single strand
  31. What do the words should and shall mean?
    Should is a recommendation, and Shall ia a procedure..
  32. What does it mean when there is a purple gel in the fuel sample?
    The fuel cell self-sealing has been activated.
  33. What items do you take with you for a hung MAD bird?
    PRC_ 149 Radio, Grounding Sticks, Leather Gloves, Crainial
  34. When is the only time that you raise the stab with battery power?
  35. What are the only mandatory hand signals?
    Wave off, and Emergency Stop
  36. What is the gas path cleaner to water ratio in the CC cart?
    4 parts water to 1 part gas path cleaner
  37. How many times do you rinse the engines on a water wash?
    2 times
  38. What parts of the daily cannot be done with the tail folded?
    IGB/ TGB oil levels.
  39. Where can you find a list of items to take on a cross-country flight?
    Book in A/C and Duty Office
  40. What does the word funny pertain to in the daily deck?
    Viscous Dampners & Bearings with "Funny" odor.
  41. What section of he A/C s washed daily, with soap and water when out at sea?
    Center Bulkhead on Tail Cone and Tail Pylon
  42. What is the max pressure for fueling and defueling?
    Fueling is 55 psi and Defueling is 3 psi negative
  43. How many feet in front and to the right when launching an A/C?
    50ft foward of A/C and 10ft right of pilot
  44. Does the PC sign the date on the "A" sheet?
    No, Pilot signs when signing for A/C.
  45. What is the OPNAV 4790/38?
    Daily Paperwork
  46. How many tiedown points are on the A/C?
    6 (2 main mount, 2 tail, 2 High points)
  47. What does a thermal runaway smell like?
    Rotten Eggs
  48. What is the rotor brake pressure?
    450 - 690
  49. What must be after servicing engines with oil?
    Cap back on, Log in ADB & A-Sheet
  50. What are the two types of rescue hoists?
    Breeze Eastern / Lucas Western
  51. How long must you wait between folding and spreading blads?
    10 minutes
  52. How long must you wait before moving an a/c after shutdown? Why?
    20 minutes because of the Gyro's
  53. What does corrosion look like on the MGB?
    White Powder
  54. What is the type MAF code for discrepancies found on dailies?
    DF J & K when discovered code
  55. What is the drag beam?
    Beam from A/C float bag area to main landing gear.
  56. How long mst you wait before handling the ALQ-144 TX?
    30 minutes
  57. What is a good indication on the BIM indicators?
    All Black
  58. What is the APU accumulator pressure?
  59. Where is the MGB PDI?
    Aft STBD side of bottom of MGB
  60. The sonobouy launcher rotary valve must be in what position?
    Vent & Lock
  61. What circuit breaker must be pushed in prior to applying power to the A/C?
  62. How many people are required to fold the tail?
    5 (1 STAB 1Pin/Strat and 3 Pole)
  63. How long does it take to complete a daily?
    3 hours normally depending on the number of people
  64. Are personnel allowed in the rotor arc with engines running and the blade not turning?
  65. When shutting down the rotor blades, which stops first, the tail rotor or the main rotor?
    Stop together
  66. What should you do if the tail rotor starts windmilling when folding it?
    Use a broom to slow it down.
  67. How far back must you sand from the ESM antennas when radiating?
    They dont radiate/ They're passive.
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