Exam I NR415

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  1. pseudofolliculitis
    razor bumps
  2. ecchymosis
    excessive bruising
  3. Senile lentigines
    liver spots
  4. onychomycosis
    toenail fungus
  5. Strabismus
  6. diplopia
    double vision
  7. Ocular fundus
    • Retinal
    • structures generally have less shine; blood vessels look paler, narrower, and
    • attenuated; arterioles appear paler and straighter, with a narrower light
    • reflex
  8. Angular chelitis
    cracking on the edge of the lips
  9. Torus palatinus
    bony growth, normal
  10. Dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing
  11. Tophi on external ear
    little bumps that show up with gout
  12. Presbycusis
    type of hearing loss that occurs with aging, even in people living in quiet environment lose certain frequencies
  13. Otosclerosis
    • Common cause of conductive
    • hearing loss in young adults between ages of 20 and 40 years

    • •Gradual hardening
    • of stapes that causes foot plate of stapes
    • to become fixed in oval window, impeding transmission of sound and causing
    • progressive deafness
  14. Hordeolum
  15. Drusen
    • or
    • benign degenerative hyaline deposits are normal development on retinal surface;
    • Often
    • symmetrically placed in eyes with no effect on vision
  16. Arcus senilis
    commonly seen around cornea

    • Ø Gray-white
    • arc or circle around limbus due to deposition of lipid material As
    • more lipid accumulates, cornea may look thickened and raised, but arcus has no
    • effect on vision
  17. Xanthelasma
    • soft, raised yellow plaques occurring on lids at inner
    • canthus
  18. diaphoresis
    more moist than would expect
  19. pruritus
  20. melasma
    the mask of pregnancy
  21. What is diasoltic pressure?
    Resting pressure before diastole.
  22. What is systolic pressure?
    Left ventricular contraction during systole.
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