Religion Last Unit

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  1. What is the natural order of life?
    • God
    • Angels
    • Humans
  2. When was the natural order changed? How?
    In Incarnation, humans became higher than angels
  3. What are teh three fundamental/basic truths?
    • 1) we are created good
    • 2) we are in need of salvation
    • 3) we are meant for eternal life in the glory of God's holy presence
  4. What are three things Jesus promised us?
    • New life
    • we will see God in heaven
    • we're in union with the trinity
  5. In the Old Testament, what does Pentecost celebrate?
    God's gift of the Torah/the Law, to the people of Israel
  6. As a bishop, priest or deacon, what is ordrained ministry conferred through?
    The Sacrement of Holy Orders
  7. Who can confer ordained ministry through the Sacrement of Holy Orders?
    A bishop, priest or deacon
  8. What are we doing when we are praying for the dead?
    We are interceding for those in Purgatory and asking that they may soon enjoy the everlasting glory, peace and comfort of God's holy presence
  9. What is Eucharistic Adoration?
    Belief that the wine and bread really becoem the blood and body of Christ though they maintain bread and wine shape
  10. What are Evangelical Counsels?
    The call to go beyond the minimum rules of life required by God and strive for spiritual perfection through a life marked by a commitment to chastity, poverty and obedience
  11. What is the Fall?
    Also called the fall from Grace, the biblical revelation about the origins of sin and evil in the world
  12. What is the Reign of God?
    The rule of God over the hearts of people
  13. What is a Lay person?
    Any person who is a not a bishop, priest or deacon
  14. Define consecreate.
    To make holy
  15. What is Grace?
    The gift of God's loving presence with us that allows us to respond to God's call
  16. What is Sacremental Life?
    What helps us attain a heavenly home
  17. What are Sacrements?
    Visible signs of God's invisible grace that unite us all
  18. What are Bishops?
    Descendants of Apostles
  19. What is faith?
    Makes us blessed
  20. What is the real presence?
    Where the bread and wine turn into Jesus' real body and blood
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