Scince terms to know

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  1. fossil record
    Any preserved evidence of an organism
  2. geologic time scale
    record of earth history
  3. radiometric dating
    using the decay of radioactive isotopes to measure the age of rock
  4. relative dating
    method used to date age of rocks by comparing them wit other layers
  5. allopatric speciation
    physical barrier divides one population into two or more populations
  6. anolous structure
    structurs that has the same funtional structurs in other organisms
  7. ancestral trait
    newly evolved featured that you find in fossiles
  8. artificial selection
    darwins trem for the selective breeding of organism selected for certain traits in order to produce off spring with traits.
  9. derived trait
    newly evoled features not showen in fossils
  10. directional selection
    shift of a population towards extreme version of a benefical trait
  11. disruptived selection
    spilts a population in two groups. getting ride of the mean
  12. evolution
    hereditary change in groups of living organisms over time
  13. fitness
    measure of the relative contribution an individual trait makes to the next generation
  14. founder effect
    occers when a small sample of population settles in a location separate from the rest of the population
  15. genetic drift
    changing the allelis frequency in population
  16. gradualism
    theory that evolution occers in small gradual steps over time
  17. homologous structure
    anatomically similar structures inherited from a common ancestor
  18. natural selection
    theory of evolution developed by darwin based on 4 idea.
  19. punctuated equilibrium
    theory that evolution occers within relativety sudden peorides of specation followed by long period of stability
  20. sexual selection
    change in frequence of a trait os based on the ability to atract a mate
  21. stabilizing selection
    most common form of natural selection in which organism with extrem expresion of trait are removed.
  22. sympatric speciation
    speice evolv into other specis without a physical barrier
  23. vestigal structure
    reduced or uneeded form of a funtional structure in other organism
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