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  1. Fertile window
    5-6 days prior to ovulation
  2. abstinence use
    • perfect: 2-9%
    • typical: 20%
  3. condom use
    • perfect: 3%
    • typical: 12%
  4. diaphragm with spermicide use
    • perf: 6%
    • typ: 18%
  5. oral use
    • perf: .1-.5%
    • typ: 8%
  6. oral three prong
    1. regulates hormones/stops ovulation

    2. thickens vaginal mucus

    3. thins uterine lining
  7. the patch use
    perf: <1%
  8. NuvaRing risk
    risk increases if it falls out and not replaced within 3 hours or left in for 3+ weeks
  9. morning after pill use
    within 72 hours of intercourse
  10. what is depo provera
    the shot
  11. what does the shot do
    stops ovulation and thins lining
  12. implanon
    thins lining and thickens mucus
  13. diaphragm
    rubber cup or dome fitted to the countour of a woman's vagina, coated with spermicide and inserted prior to coitus to prevent conception
  14. prophylactic
    agent that protects against disease
  15. basal body temp method
    fertility awareness method of contraception that relies on prediction of ovulation by tracking the woman's temp over the menstrual cycle
  16. viscosity
    stickiness; consistency
  17. vasectomy
    male sterilization where sperm are prevented from reaching urethra by cutting each vas deferens and tying it back
  18. vasovasotomy
    reversal of vasectomy
  19. tubal sterilization
    tubes blocked
  20. mini-laparotomy
    sterilization where incision is made in abdomen to access tubes
  21. laparoscopy
    small incision in belly button cut tubes
  22. culpotomy
    tubes are reached through back wall of vagina
  23. hysterectomy
    removal of uterus
  24. D&C
    cervix is dilated and uterine contents are scraped out
  25. D&E
    cervix is dilated prior to vacuum aspiration
  26. intra-amniotic infusion
    substance is injected into the sac to induce premature labor
  27. hysterotomy
    cesarean abortion
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