Vocab Lessons 19 and 20

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  1. blockade
    to set up a barrier that prevents exit or entrance
  2. coup
    a brilliantly executed action that brings success
  3. indestructibility
    the quality of being impossible to destroy
  4. martial
    warlike; relating to war or the military
  5. omnipotent
    having unlimited power, authority, or force
  6. robust
    healthy, strong, and vigorous; sturdily built
  7. stable
    not easily changed; relatively permanent
  8. staunch
    firm; steadfast in support; loyal
  9. vulnerability
    the quality of being open to injury, disease, attack or criticism
  10. withstand
    to successfully resist or oppose something; to survive without damage
  11. eminence
    a postition of fame, superiority, and distinction
  12. inconsequential
    lacking importance; trivial
  13. indispensable
    required; essential; necessary
  14. indubitably
    clearly; unquestionably; without a doubt
  15. momentous
    greatly important or significant
  16. noteworthy
    deserving notice or attention
  17. paramount
    most important
  18. pettiness
    concern with things of little importance
  19. prestige
    high status; respect and admiration from others
  20. superficial
    near the surface
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