Health Assessment

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  1. Should the tympanic membrane be translucent?
    yes; you should be able to see through to the middle ear. May contain a fair amount of fluid if sick.
  2. What/where is the eustation tube?
    Middle ear. Drains to the pharynx. If full of fluid=ET dysfunction. Can be drained with PE tubes. In peds, child will be put to sleep.
  3. What are the 3 levels of auditory input?
    • 1) Peripheral: ear transmits sounds by converting vibrations to impulses-->brain
    • 2)Brain stem: Identification and location/direction of sound.
    • 3) Cerebral cortex: gives meaning to sound, and starts response.
  4. Which is more efficient for conduction sound? Air or bone?
  5. What is otosclerosis?
    • Common cause of hearing loss in adults yrs 20-40.
    • Hardening of foot plate of stapes-->fixed to oval window--> decreased transmission of sound and gradual deafness.
  6. What is cerumen?
    Ear wax. Can impede transmission of sound if found in great quantities.
  7. What is Presbycusis?
    • Hearing loss of only certain frequencies.
    • Happens mostly to the edlerly.
  8. What does discharge from the ear typically mean if it's accomanied by a foul smell?
    Foreign body.
  9. What is tinnitus?
    Ringing in the ears.
  10. What are some symptoms to look for when suspecting presbycusis?
    cannot hear whispers, sounds like people are mumbling, loss of consonent sounds.
  11. What is tophi?
    • Excess uric acid in body--> small white growths on ears.
    • Not a concern.
  12. Anatomy of a normal tympanic membrane.
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