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  1. what are the nine types of energy?
    electrical, light, sound, kinetic, nuclear, thermal, gravitational potential, elastic potential and chemical
  2. what are the non-renewable energy sources?
    coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear fuels
  3. what are the renewable energy sources?
    wind, waves, tides, hydro-electric, solar, geo-thermal, food and biofuels.
  4. what is a renewable energy?
    its an energy source which will never run out.
  5. what is a non-renewable energy source?
    its an energy source which sometime in the future will run out. also causes pollution.
  6. how is electricity is distributed via the national grid?
    the national grid takes electrical energy from power stations to where it is needed in homes and industries.
  7. Types of wavelength in order smallest to biggest?
    radio waves, micro waves, infa red waves, visible light, ultra violet, x-rays and gamma rays.
  8. what is specific heat capacity?
    specific heat capacity tells you how much different types of energy can store.
  9. what surface absorbs infra red radiation the best?
    black matt
  10. what reflects infra red radiation
    white and shiny surfaces
  11. what is the longest wave length in the em spectrum?
    radio waves
  12. What is it called when water turns into a gas?
  13. what is a U value?
    It shows how fast heat can transfer through a material.
  14. name two types of waves?
    • transverse
    • Longitudinal
  15. name 3 ways heat can be transferred?
    Conduction, convection, radiation
  16. what is the formula for specific heat capacity?
    E=M x C x 0.energy transferred = mass x SHC x temperature change.
  17. What is effected by the weather more, Overhead cables or underground cables?
    overhead cables
  18. What is frequency measured in?
  19. what is conductions main form of heat transfer?
  20. what is the equation for wave speed?
    Wave Speed = Frequency x Wavelength
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