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  1. What can heat radiation be transferred by?
    Conduction,convection and radiation.
  2. What is the main form of heat transfer in solids?
  3. What is the main form of heat transfer in liquids and gases?
  4. Any object can BOTH abosrb and emit radiation.
    True of false?
    True - and whether or not convection and conduction are also taking place.
  5. The hotter an object is, the less radiation it radiates in a given time.
    True or False?
    False - The hotter an object is, the MORE radiation it radiates in a given time, not less.
  6. Radiation depends an lot on which two things?
    They start with S.C and T.
    Surface Colour and Texture.
  7. What type of surfaces REFLECT a lot of the radiation falling on them?
    Light, shiny surfaces.
  8. What type of surfaces ABSORB a lot of the radiation falling on them?
    Dark matt surfaces.
  9. What are the three states of matter?
    Solids, liquids and gases.
  10. Gas particles have the LEAST energy of all three states of matter's particles.
    True or False?
    False - gas particles have the MOST energy of the three!
  11. What is the conduction of heat energy?
    The process where vibrating particles pass on their kinetic energy particles to neighbouring particles!
  12. Why are metals good conductors?
    Because of their free electrons.
  13. What is condensation(not in the form of particles)?
    When a gas turns into a liquid.
  14. What is evaporation?
    When a liquid turns into a gas.
  15. What are three examples of energy efficiency in the home?
    Any three from: Cavity Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation, Hot Water Tank Jacket, Double Glazing and Draught-Proofing.
  16. What do U-Values show?
    How fast heat can transfer through a material. - heat transfers faster through materials with higher u-values than through materials with low U-values
  17. Spectrum of EM waves?
    Radio,Micro,infra red,visible light, ultra violet,x-rays,gamma rays
  18. The only wave we can see with the naked eye?
    Visible light
  19. The theory that begun the universe?
    Big bang
  20. Efficiency equation?
    energy transferred= mass x specific heat capacity x temperature change
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