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  1. What current theory best describes the origin of the universe?
    The Big Bang Theory
  2. What is Red Shift?
    Red Shift is when light from distant galaxies is pushed into the red side of the light spectrum.
  3. Which type of wave in the EM spectrum has the longest wavelength?
    A) Infrared
    B) Radio
    C) UV
    B) Radio
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  4. Which EM wave has the highest frequency?
    Gamma waves
  5. At what speed do EM waves travel through a vacuum?
    A) 500 m/s
    B) 3000000 m/s
    C) 300000000 m/s
    C) 300000000 m/s
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  6. Diffraction is when ...
    Waves spread out
  7. In Transverse waves the vibrations are ...... to the direction of travel of the wave.
  8. What is the equation for Wave Speed?
    Wave Speed = Frequency x Wavelength
  9. What is frequency measured in?
  10. Name the 4 non-renewable energy sources.
    Coal, Oil, Gas and Nuclear
  11. What useful energy transfer takes place in solar panels?
    Light > Electrical
  12. What is the equation for calculating efficiency?
    Image Upload
  13. What is the equation to find specific heat capacity?
    Image Upload
  14. List the nine types of energy.
    • 1) Electrical
    • 2) Sound
    • 3) Light
    • 4) Thermal
    • 5) Gravitational Potentional
    • 6) Elastic Potentional
    • 7) Chemical
    • 8) Nuclear
    • 9) Kinetic
  15. What is a U-Value?
    A U-Value is how fast heat transfers through a material.
  16. What surface best reflects infrared radiation?
    White and shiny.
  17. What surface best emits infrared radiation?
    Black, matt surfaces
  18. What are the 3 states of matter?
    • 1)Solids
    • 2)Liquids
    • 3) Gases
  19. Which type of heat transfer happens in solids?
  20. A small surface area emits more infrared waves than a large surface area. True or False
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