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  1. Name three types of renewable energy sources:
    • Wind,
    • Wave,
    • Biofuel,
    • Tidal,
    • Hydroeletric,
    • Solar,
    • Geothermal.
  2. What are Non-renewable fuel sources?
    • They will all "run out" one day
    • They all do damage to the environment
    • They provide most of our energy
    • -coal
    • -Oil
    • -Natural gas
    • -Nuclear fuels
  3. Name the two types of waves.
    • Longitudinal
    • Transverse
  4. What has a lower setup cost, overhead powerlines or underground powerlines?
    Overhead powerlines
  5. What is the only theory that can explain CMBR?
    (The) Big Bang
  6. What surfaces abosorb radiation best?
    Black Matt (dark) surfaces
  7. What are the three states of matter?
    • Solids
    • Liquids
    • Gas
  8. What is the main type of energy transfer in solids?
  9. What is the main type of energy transfer in liquids and gasses?
  10. What is it called when water turns into a gas?
  11. Which emmits heat quicker, large surfacearea or a small surfacearea?
    Large surfacearea
  12. What is a U value?
    It shows how fast heat can transfer through a material.
  13. Name three types of energy?
    • Eletrical
    • Light
    • Sound
    • Kinetic
    • Nuclear
    • Thermal
    • GPE (Gravitational potential energy)
    • EPE (Elastic potentional energy)
    • Chemical
  14. what is the formula for Specific heat capacity?
    E=M*C*Image Upload
  15. Name two energy types that are forms of stored energy?
    • Potentional(s)
    • Chemical
  16. What is the efficiency equation?
    Efficency=Useful energy out / Total power in
  17. How do you find out the cost of electricity?
  18. What is effected by the weather more, Overhead cables or underground cables?
    Overhead cables
  19. Name the Em spectrum in order.
    • Radio
    • Micro
    • IR
    • Visible
    • UV
    • X Ray
    • Gamma
  20. What wave is mainly used for communication?
    Radio Waves
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