GCSE History

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  1. what were the aims of the league of nations
    • the covenant set out the aims of the league of nations they were to :
    • discourage agression from any nation
    • encourage companies to cooperate , especially in trade and in buisness
    • encourage nations to disarm
    • improve living and working conditions across the world
  2. why did the league of nations fail in its aims to secure world peace , 1919-1939 (8)
    • organisation
    • membership
    • Britain and france
    • The treaty of versailles
    • Economic sanctions
    • Military sanctions
    • The will to make it work
    • The economic depression
  3. the organisation of the league contained weakness because
    decisions in the council and in the assembly had to be unanimous which was impractical . the league did not meet very often so there were delays , and decisions often came too late for effective action e.g. the dealy over the Manchurian crisis
  4. Important nations were absent .
    • The USA never joined
    • Germany did not join until 1926 and left in 1933
    • Japan left in 1933
    • Italy left in 1937
    • The USSR did not join until 1934 and were expeled in 1939 after going to war with Finland
  5. Britain and France were the only two great powers that were mebers throughout the 20's and 30's so the league became very dependant on them however
    the governments of bith Britain and France were not always enthusiastic in their support of the league . They sometimes went behind the league's back e.g. the Hoare-Laval pact
  6. the league was set up as part of the versailles settlement and was responsible for upholding the treaty of versailles . Therefore it seemed to some countries
    like an organisation designed to benifit the victors of the first world war , especially Britain and France . Furthermore the terms of the treaty were increasingly seen as unfair and in need of amendment which was a problem for the league
  7. economic sanctions were only used once , against Italy , but they had to be abandoned when proved ineffective . This was partly because
    some of the major powers , especially the USA , were outside the league and partly becausecountries were in an economic depression , so did not want to damage their own economies by cutting off trade
  8. the sanction of sending an army to oppose an agressor was never used , so no real :
    collective security was used . the league did not have a ready army at its disposal and individual countries were relucant to commit troops
  9. in 1919 there was a mood of idealism at Versailles - people wanted to make a new and better world . However this soon disappeared . The league's members :
    • failed to keep the rules and meet their obligations
    • they were not willing to take the necessary action to deal with agressors
    • they were often willing to act unless their own interests were at stake and they sometimes even acted against league decisions
  10. give an example of members of the league failed to have the will to make the league of nations work
    Britain and France prepared to carve up Abyssinia in the Hoare-Laval pact , rather than imposing effective sanctions against Mussolini
  11. the lack of will was partly to do with Economic sanctions . The depression brought governments to power in :
    Germany and Japan who were willing to use force to solve their problems , as was Mussolini in Italy . The depression also made it less likely that countries would co-operate with one another and economic problems made it more difficult for countries to take action against agressors . This undermined collective security
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