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  1. The name of God that means Creator God
  2. The name of God that means God Almighty
    El Shaddai
  3. 1. This name of God conveys the idea of ruler ship, dominion and literally means Lord or Master
  4. __________________ are those things which find some reflection in people. (Emphasize God’s personal nature) I Timothy 1:17 Paul describes God as “the King eternal, immortal, invisible”
    Communicable attributes
  5. find little or no analogy in humanity
    Incommunicable attributes
  6. is God speaking through human beings, empowering them to write under the influence of the Holy Ghost.
    Divine inspiration
  7. 1. Inspiration excludes the idea of _____ from God to the writers of scripture.
  8. 1. During the temptation in the wilderness, the devil is on the each occasion repulsed, without further argument, by a quotation from ______________“It stands written”
    the Old Testament
  9. 1. There are more than _______ ancient manuscripts of the New Testament still in existence.
  10. 1. The Scriptures manifest themselves to be the word of God, by their _______ and ______
    majesty, purity
  11. 1. The attributes of God may be defined as those _________________________ which are exercised and demonstrated by God in His various works.
    perfections of God
  12. 1. The _________________________ of God are those which find some reflection in man, who was created in God’s image.
    communicable attributes
  13. The _______________________________ of God find little or no analogy in man, emphasizing the transcendent and exalted charter of God.
    incommunicable attributes
  14. ______defined omniscience as “that attribute whereby God knows Himself and all other things in one eternal and most single act.”
  15. _______ is that attribute by which God is inclined to seek the highest good for His creatures and the communication of Himself to them regardless of the sacrifice involved.
  16. The _________ of God defines His perfection, purity, and absolute integrity
  17. The _________________ of God has to do with law, morality, and justice
  18. In the _________________ _______________of God we distinguish between God’s sovereign will and His sovereign power.
    volitional attributes
  19. The attribute of ___________ unity tells us that there is one God
  20. The doctrine of the Trinity means that there is but ___ ___ with three coexistent persons who equally possess the single divine essence of God.
    one God
  21. God is absolutely independent of anything other than ________ for the continuity and perpetuity of His being
  22. The God of the bible is the only Being who is _____________ ___________, and who transcends all finite bounds of time.
    absolutely eternal
  23. _______ _______ is the central figure of the world’s history
    Jesus Christ
  24. Within _______ years after the death of Christ, His followers were talking and writing about His virgin birth.
    60 (sixty)
  25. ___________ denied the divine nature of Christ and held Him to be only man.
  26. _____________ held that there was no union of the two natures until after the baptism, thus establishing Christ’s deity upon His baptism rather than upon His birth
  27. ___________ denied the reality of Christ’s body, because his purity could not be linked with matter, which they held to be inherently evil.
  28. ______________ regarded Christ as the highest of created beings, thus denying His deity and misinterpreting His temporary humiliation
  29. ____________________ made Christ only two parts human, denying to him a human soul, which they claimed to be sinful.
  30. ___________________ denied the union of the human and divine natures, making Christ two persons.
  31. __________________ held that the two natures of Christ were mingled into one, which was predominantly divine, though not the same as the original divine nature.
  32. The denial of Christ’s true physical nature is a mark of the ________ ___ _________.
    spirit of antichrist
  33. The self-emptying ___________ of Christ was a voluntary act which consisted in the surrender of the independent exercise of the divine attributes.
  34. ________________ is distinctively a religion of atonement, giving the death of Christ the primary place in it Gospel message.
  35. Jesus Christ Himself speaks of His ___________ as a necessity
  36. Sin is rebelliousness that brings _______ and _____________
  37. The Accident Theory views the cross of Calvary as something _____________ in the life of Christ.
  38. The __________Theory holds that Christ dies a martyr’s death for His beliefs.
  39. The __________ ___________ Theory views Christ’s death as an example which should exert a moral influence upon mankind.
    Moral influence
  40. The ______ ___ _____ Theory teaches that Christ died to show people how much God loved them.
  41. Without the _____________, the crucifixion would have been in vain.
  42. The resurrection is the _________ miracle of the Bible upon which our faith and salvation rest.
  43. ____________ would emphasize that man is a material body, an immaterial soul, and an immaterial spirit.
  44. ________ and _____ sinned against God, and thus fell from the standing of favor and the state of innocence in which they were created.
    Adam, Eve
  45. Adam was not deceived; he ___________ disobeyed with open eyes.
  46. The serpent accused God of ______, and denied that God would punish Eve.
  47. Eve became a ______ and gave to her husband, and he ate
  48. _____ is a wrong attitude toward the person of God
  49. _____ is wrong action in relation to the will of God.
  50. Sin is the practice of ______ and _________ which involves self-exaltation and self-assertion.
  51. _______ is wrong action in relation to people.
  52. Sin = a failure of or a clear _______ of a given command or prohibition.
  53. _________ = acting crookedly, not straight or right.
  54. Transgression = a result of the human will acting contrary to the __________ _______.
    divine will
  55. Trespass = acting contrary to ______ ______, faithfulness
    one’s duty
  56. Unrighteousness = wrong doing, acting against _____ will.
  57. ______ = Missing the mark or standard set by God
  58. Forgiveness requires that we ________, confess our sins to God and let go of our guilt and anger.
  59. In the act of ____________ the righteousness of God has been added (imputed) to our account and we have been wrapped about with the purity of Christ.
  60. ______________ is the Holy Spirit’s gracious act of imparting to man the life and nature of God
  61. The new nature received in __________ does not expel, destroy, nor eradicate the old nature.
  62. _____________ is immediate in its occurrence but may be gradual in some of its fuller manifestation
  63. ________________ results in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer
  64. ______________ gives believers peace with God and with other believers.
  65. __________________ is the process of setting apart or the state of being set apart for God and from the world.
  66. There are two ways to purse holiness. The positive way is to_________ __________; while the negative way is to _______ the flesh.
    imitate Christ, reject
  67. Holiness is at the heart of the _____ _____________
    New Testament
  68. __________ is the sum of the law’s requirement and promise of the Gospel.
  69. Holiness is to be and act like ______.
  70. God wants living sacrifices (_____ ___ __ _____), that are holy (___ ____), and are thus acceptable to God.
    alive by the Spirit, set apart
  71. No sacrifice is acceptable to God unless the _________ and __________ of the one who offers the sacrifice are pure before God.
    motives, character
  72. Only an _________ transformation of the believer can produce holiness of life and prevent outward (external) conformity to this present age.
  73. The pursuit of ____________ is essential in the life of the believer.
  74. Location of this verse is ______________ “And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and they spoke with tongues, and prophesied.”
    Acts 19:6
  75. The first apostolic sermon declared the Lordship of Jesus Christ, called for repentance, and announced the birth of the church, which became the basis of the _________, the apostle’s doctrine.
  76. Even though there has always been conflicting views, Pentecostals have always believed that _______ __ _______ is the initial evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
    speaking in tongues
  77. It is not just speaking in tongue that is the evidence of the baptism with the Holy Spirit, but it is speaking with tongues as the Spirit gives the _________ that constitutes the initial evidence of the baptism with the Holy Spirit.
  78. One of the first documents to be found from the sub-Apostolic period was The _______ (i.e. The Doctrine of the Twelve Apostles).
  79. The word didache comes from the Greek word that means ___________ or teaching
  80. Philotheus Bryennius discovered the Didache in ________ in 1873, then translated and published it ten year later
  81. The __________ discusses the authenticity of charismatic gifts, and is important to us because it is independent of Paul’s writings.
  82. The ________ _______ later became known as the Church of God.
    Christian Union
  83. In I Corinthians 12:7-11, _______ gifts of the Holy Spirit are listed
    nine (9)
  84. The word Ministry comes from the Greek word diakonos, meaning to serve in the performance of tasks such as ______ ___ ______.
    “waiting on tables”.
  85. The KJV rendering __________ comes from the word doulos, or slave.
  86. The word “pastor” comes from a root meaning ____ ________ from which we get the word “shepherd”.
    “to protect”
  87. God is described as One who sends ___________ as a means to further the spread of the Gospel.
  88. Church leaders in the early church were characterized as being endowed with ___________ _________.
    spiritual gifts
  89. The testimonies of the great leaders of the first three centuries demonstrate that the gifts, including _________ ____ ________, continued to the beginning of the 4th century.
    speaking in tongues
  90. Many have argued that speaking in tongues and many spiritual gifts ended with the death of the _______ ______
    first apostles
  91. In his _________ _________, Volume 1, Irenaeus describes true Christians as driving out devils, having visions, prophesying, laying hands on the sick, and raising the dead.
    Against Heresies
  92. In his Against Marcion, ___________ reveals both his acquaintance with speaking in tongues and his belief that the supernatural gifts of the Spirit were a sign of orthodoxy.
  93. In his work, Against Celsus, _______ speaks of many miracles being performed in Jesus’ name.
  94. Many other early Christian writings confirm the ongoing manifestation of _______ _______ in the church beyond the forth (4th) century.
    spiritual gifts
  95. Any occurrence of miracles among the common people during the Middle ages was looked upon as ________ or __________
    sorcery, witchcraft
  96. The Pentecostal movement came about during a time when _________ theologians were attacking the very existence of God.
  97. Anointing the sick with oil in both _______ __:_____and in James 5:14 does not seem to have any medicinal value but serves as a spiritual symbol of God’s healing power.
    Mark 6:13
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