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  1. AMS
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. ATL
    Atlanta, Georgia
  3. BOS
    Boston, Massachusetts
  4. CDG
    Charles de Gaulle-Paris, France
  5. CVG
    Cincinnati, Ohio
  6. DFW
    Dallas Fort Worth, Texas
  7. DTW
    Detroit, Michigan
  8. EWR
    Newark, New Jersey
  9. FDF
    Fort de France, Martinque
  10. IAH
    George Bush Intercontinental-Houston, Texas
  11. IAD
    Dulles International, Washington DC
  12. JFK
    John F Kennedy-New York City, New York
  13. LAX
    Las Angeles, California
  14. MEM
    Memphis, Tennessee
  15. MEX
    Mexico City, Mexico
  16. MIA
    Miami, Florida
  17. MSP
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  18. NRT
    Narita Airport-Tokyo, Japan
  19. ORD
    O'Hare-Chicago, Illinois
  20. PAP
    Port Au Prince, Haiti
  21. PDX
    Portland, Oregon
  22. PHL
    Philadelphia, Pennslyvania
  23. PPT
    Papeete, French Polynesia
  24. PTP
    Pointe A Pitre, Guadeloupe
  25. SEA
    Seattle, Washington
  26. SFO
    San Francisco, California
  27. SLC
    Salt Lake Citym, Utah
  28. YUL
    Montreal, Canada
  29. YVR
    Vancouver, Canada
  30. YYZ
    Toronto, Canada
  31. ANC
    Anchorage, Alaska
  32. MKE
    Mikwaukee, Wisconsin
  33. BOG
    Bogota, Columbia
  34. FCO
    Rome, Italy
  35. TPE
    Taipei, Taiwan
  36. CAN
    Guangzhou-Canton, China
  37. ATH
    Athens, Greece
  38. PRG
    Prague, Czech Republic
  39. AMS
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  40. ICN
    Seoul (Incheon), South Korea
  41. CMN
    Casablanca, Morocco
  42. CHI
    Chicago, Illinois
  43. MDW
    Midway Airport-Chicago, Illinois
  44. LON
    London, U.K
  45. LGW
    London Gatwick Airport-London, U.K
  46. LGA
    La Guardia Airport- New York City, New York
  47. NYC
    New York City, New York
  48. PAR
    Paris, France
  49. ORY
    Orly Airport-Paris, France
  50. WAS
    Washington, D.C
  51. BWI
    Baltimore/Washington International-Washington D.C
  52. DCA
    Ronald Reagan National Airport-Washington, D.C

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