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  1. which sphincter in the digestive system is affected by GERD
    lower esophageal sphincter
  2. what bacteria contribute to peptic ulcer disease
    helicobacter pylori
  3. which birth control is non-reversible
    tubal ligation
  4. smoking increases risk of heart attack when combined with
    oral contraceptives
  5. plan B is most effective when taken within the first 72 hours after unprotected sex. T or F
  6. woman must recieve depo-provera injections every 6 months, T or F
  7. which drug is not used for erectile dysfunction
  8. sildenaful works to treat erectile dysfunction by:
    relaxing smooth muscle
  9. warning label for TAMSULOSIN
    swallow whole, don't crush or chew
  10. warning label for PROSCAR
    avoid contact with pregnant women
  11. warning label for CIALIS
    avoid nitrates
  12. warning label for alprostadil inserts
    refrigerate, don't freeze
  13. a man arrives at the pharmacy asking for his family's drug reciepts for income tax purposed, what condition applies to his request?
    the man is entitled to HIS drug reciepts, marked "copy" only.
  14. what is the common view regarding medication incidents and errors?
    a pharmacy is required to have a system of reporting medications incidents despite if there was harm to the patient or not.
  15. what is conscientious objection?
    right to refuse based on personal, religious, or cultural values.
  16. how should you, the pharmacy tech, respond to a prescription transfer request?
    assemble the info, have pharmacist sign and provide license number on tranferred faxed copy. then send.
  17. benzodiazepines and other targeted substances are permitted to be transferred to another pharmacy, but...
    only once.
  18. auxiliary label for clarithromycin
    shake well before using
  19. what drug requires administration on an empty stomach
  20. according to CDSA, which of the following practitioners may prescribe narcs?
    • vets
    • nurse practitioners
    • podiatrists
    • midwives
  21. the ethical principal of veracity requires technicians:
    to act with honesty and without deception
  22. which of the following drugs require witnessed descruction?
    • ketamine
    • propoxyphene
    • diazepam
    • gabapentin - regular rx
  23. what is the correct procedure for obtaining remaining refills from another pharmacy?
    pharmacy must contact Pharmacy X to get the rx refills transferred, and document the transfer appropriately
  24. according to the Benzodiazepine and Other Targeted Substances Regulations, what is the expiry date for lorazepam?
    one year from the date the prescription was written.
  25. a vertical laminar flow hood would be the best choice when preparing a parenteral formulation of
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