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  1. coordination def
    ability to produce accurate, controlled movement
  2. coordination is under control of...?
    cerebellum and is influenced by extrapyramidal pathways
  3. characteristics of coordination
    • smoothness
    • rhythm
    • appropriate speed
    • appropriate muscle tension
    • postural tone
    • equilibrium
  4. ataxia is manifested as...?
    • delayed initiation of movements
    • errors in range and force of movement
    • errors in rate and regularity of movement
  5. dysmetria def
    inability to estimate necessary ROM to reach desired target of movement -- can be under or overshoot - hypo or hypermetria
  6. the word for abnormal movemnts seen in coordination disorders?
  7. how does gait ataxia look?
    • staggering
    • wide based gait
    • little or no arm swing
    • uneven step length
  8. two good coordination test of rataxia
    • run a heel down your shin
    • finger to nose
  9. Frenkel
    • an early practitioner of neuro rehab
    • worked w pts who had neuro symptoms secondary to neurosyphilis (the f in frankel stands for...)
  10. skill def
    consistently attaining an action-goal w some economy of effort
  11. though a task may be complex...
    it's not necessarily a functional activity

    these slides, maybe frankel and gentile esp, stress you need to do functional exercises both for motivation and for usefulness (specificity)

    "action-goals" arise form motivational state of the performer, so you got to get some specific to your pt's priorities
  12. Gentile
    pioneered applying theories of brain function in movemtn disorders to pt treatment

    focused on impact of envon brain function and the potential for behavioral change
  13. Gentile's stationary env
    • sitting reading - you have:
    • body stability
    • manipulation of an object
    • fixed boundaries
    • low info processing motorically
  14. gentile's body transport plus manipulation
    playing guitar while walking on a bridge

    • boundaries are expanded
    • more modulation of postural system
    • high info processing
  15. feedback stages
    • 1 "knowledge of performance" - tell pt if she's doing the right moves
    • 2 "knowledge of results" - tell pt if she got the desired results
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