Chapter 6 Essay Questions

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  1. What was the Revolutionary War mainly about?
    The colonists no longer wanted to be ruled by Britain. They fought for our freedom to start our own country.
  2. How did Sacgawea help Lewis and Clark?
    She was a guide during the exploration of the Louisiana Purchase.
  3. What was life like for the pioneers in the west?
    It was hard. Pioneers faced sickness, accidents, and bad weather along the way.
  4. Who formed the first communities in North America?
    Native Americans
  5. Use the term "Shelter" in a sentence.
    We all need to live in shelter according to the weather.
  6. How did Native Americans use natural resources?
    They used buffalo to eat their meat, used their skin as clothing and bones as tools and to make teepees.
  7. How might Native Americans have used your community's natural resources?
    They use our community's natural resources by hunting animals, use our trees, live in shelter and wear clothing.
  8. Why did Europeans build communities in North America?
    Some hoped to find treasure and spread their religion.
  9. What is the difference between an explorer and a settler?
    an explorer is a person who goes to find out about a place. A settler is one of the first people to live in a new community.
  10. Why do you think there was conflict between the settlers and Native Americans?
    The settlers claimed most of the land of the Native Americans.
  11. Who fought for our freedom?
    George Washington, the colonists and many others.
  12. How are freedom and independence related?
    They're both freedom from another country.
  13. What document did the leaders of the United States write to form a new government?
    The Constitution which is a set of laws that tells how a government works.
  14. How might your life be different if the colonists had not won their independence?
    There would be no 4th of July and we would still be under Britains rule.
  15. First--next--last

    ---Boston Tea Party---
    unfair tax laws---BTP---Revolutionary war
  16. How did the United States grow and change?
    The communities were affected by changes in transportation, technology, and population.
  17. Use the term civil war in a sentence.
    Civil War is when people of one country fight each other.

    The American Civil War was when the North and South fought each other over slavery.
  18. How was pioneer life different from the life of people who did not move west?
    The pioneers faced sickness, accidents, and bad weather along the way.
  19. How might the United States be different if the Lousiana Purchase gad not happened?
    The United would be half the size of what it was after they made the Lousiana Purchase.
  20. What happened during the Boston Tea Party?
    In 1773 the colonists who were angry about taxes on tea dumped 342 crates of tea into the Boston Harbor.
  21. Why did pioneers move west in the 1800s?
    Lewis and Clark wrote about and drew pictures of plants, animals, and Native Americans. Many people wanted to see this land.
  22. What was the Emancipation Proclamation?
    A law that Lincoln signed that called for many enslaved people in the Confederate states to be free.
  23. Who were the very first people to live in North America?
    The Native Americans
  24. What is the oldest lasting European settlement in what is not the United States?
    St. Augustine, Florida
  25. Why do you think St. Louis, Missouri, grew between 1763 and the 1800s?
    Because more people started moving west to settle in the new lands.
  26. What do you think the our country would be like without the Constitution?
    The country would be out of control if the Constitution was not made
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