E&S:Lecture 8

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  1. Blackbody
    An object that emits (or absorbs) the maximum possible number of photons at all wavelengths
  2. Thermal diffusion
    Heat flows through materials
  3. Low conductivity materials_________conductive heat flow
  4. Passive solar heating
    • -sunlight enters home
    • -accounts for 30% of the energy usage in a typical home
  5. Active solar heating
    1. use pumps or fans to move solar-heated fluids from solar collectors
  6. Solar Thermal Power
    1. use large arrays of mirrors to concentrate solar energy to achieve high temperatures
  7. Ocean Thermal energy conversion
    • 1.attempts to exploit the ~20 degree difference in temperature between surface and deep ocean water in the tropics
    • 2. uses conventional thermal power plant technology to generate electricity
  8. Benefits of geothermal power
    • 1. Cost effective
    • 2. reliable
    • 3. Sustainable
  9. Downsides of geothermal power
    • 1. Large capital investment
    • 2. release greenhouse gases
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