4. semester word formation

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  1. assume
    assumption (n)
  2. believe
    belief , disbelief (n), (un)believable (adj)
  3. brilliant
    brilliance (n) , brilliantly (adv)
  4. conceive
    concept (n), conception (n)
  5. confuse
    confusion (n), confused (adj), confusing (adj), confusingly (adv)
  6. convince
    conviction (n), (un)convinced (adj) (un)convincing (adj), convincingly (adv)
  7. decide
    decision (n), decisiveness (n), (in)decisive (adj), decisively (adv)
  8. define
    definition (n), definitive (adj), definitively (adv), (in)definite (adj) definitely (adv)
  9. doubt
    doubtful (n), doubtfully (adv), undoubted (adj), undoubtedly (adv), doubtless (n)
  10. explain
    explanation (n), exsplanatory (adj), unexplained (adj), (in)explicable (adj), inexplicably (adv)
  11. imagine
    imagination (n), imaginary (adj), (un) imaginative (adj), imaginatively (adv)
  12. judge
    judg(e)ment (n), judicious (adj),
  13. logic
    (il)logical (adj), logically (adv)
  14. opinion
    opinionated (adj) (eigensinnig, starrsinnig)
  15. rational
    rationalise (v), (ir)rationality (n), (ir)rational (adj), rationally (adv)
  16. reason
    reasoning (n), reasonableness (n), (un)reasonable (adj), reasoned (adj), (un) reasonably (adv)
  17. sane
    (in)sanity (n), insanely (adv)
  18. sense
    nonsense (n), sensitivity (n), senseless (adj), senselessness (n), sensible (adj), nonsensical (adj), sensibly (adv)
  19. think
    thought (n), thoughtlessness (n), thoughtful (adj), thoughtfully (adv), thoughtless (adj), thoughtlessly (adv)
  20. wise
    wisdom (n), (un)wise (adj), wisely (adv)
  21. adapt
    adaptable (adj)
  22. adjust
    adjustment (n), adjustable (adj)
  23. alter
    alteration (n), alternate (n), alternative (n) (ändern, abwandeln)
  24. arrange
    rearrange (v), (re)arrangement (n), arranged (adj) (anordnen, abmachen)
  25. capable
    capability (n), incapable (adj), capably (adv)
  26. change
    exchange (n), changeover (n), (un)changing (adj), (un)changeable (adj), interchangeable (austauschbar) (adj)
  27. continue
    discontinue (v), continuity (n), continuation (n), continual (adj), continually (adv), continuous (adj), contiuously (adv)
  28. convert
    conversion (n), convertible (adj)
  29. electric
    electrician (Electriker) (n), electricity (adj), electrified (adj), electrifying (adj)
  30. endure
    endurance (n), (un)endurable (adj), enduring (adj) (aushalten, ausstehen)
  31. evolve
    evolution (n), evolutionary (adj), evolving (adj) (entwickeln, entstehen)
  32. flexible
    (in)flexibility (n), inflexible (adj),
  33. influence
    influential (adj) (einflussreich)
  34. mature
    (im)maturity (n), immature (adj)
  35. modern
    modernise (v), modernisation (n), modernity (n)
  36. new
    renew (v), renewal (n), renewable (adj), newly (adv)
  37. persist
    persistence (n), persistent (adj), persistently (adv) (beharrend, ausdauernd, anhaltend)
  38. place
    replace (v), replacement (n), (ir)replaceable (adj) (austauschbar, auswechselbar)
  39. process
    processor (n), (die Betriebseinrichtung, die Anlage)
  40. revolt
    revolutionise (v), revolution (n), revolutionary (adj), revolting (adj)

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4. semester word formation
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