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  1. subsequent
    coming after; following; later
  2. abundant
    existing in great or overflowing quantity; very plentiful; profuse
  3. prominent
    well-known or important; distinguished
  4. literature
    the body of writings of a period language or country, especially those kept alive by their beauty or effectivness of style or thought
  5. tendency
    a leaning; inclination; propensity
  6. break
    make come to pieces by a blow or pull
  7. miscellaneous
    not all of one kind or nature; of mixed composition
  8. forsake
    give up; leave alone; leave; abandon
  9. notorious
    well-known, especially because of something bad; having a bad reputation
  10. elegant
    having or showing good taste; gracefully and richly
  11. variation
    varying in conditioc, degree, etv,; change
  12. stationary
    having a fixed station or place; not moveable
  13. knowledge
    what one knows
  14. thirtieth
    next after 29th; last in a series of 30
  15. inevitable
    not to be avioded; sure to happen; certain to come
  16. recognizable
    that can be recognized
  17. occupant
    a person who occupies
  18. correspond
    be in harmony; agree; harmonize; match
  19. despise
    look down on; fell contempt for; scorn
  20. gallant
    noble in spirit or in conduct
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