Chapter 24 &26 History test

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  1. How did the Treaty of Versailles contribute to the start of World War II?
    Hitler wants revenge and so do the Japanese.
  2. Identify the causes of the Great Depression. How did various governments respond?
    • -The stock market crashed because people were buying shares on marigin.
    • -Over production of goods.
  3. What is a Totalitarian state? Give specific examples.
    • Government that has total control of everything
    • Hitler, Germany
    • Mussolini, Italy.
  4. Benito Muissolini (method/politcal party, scapegoat)
    • Socialists
    • Democracies
    • Ethiopians
  5. Joseph Stalin (method/political party, scapegoat Politburo, Five-year plan, collectivization)
    5 year plans, growth of heavy industry the unification of small farms into increased farm production.
  6. Hideki Tojo (method/political party, scapegoat)
    • the dictator of Japan
    • militarist
    • Chinese and the koreans
  7. Italian, German and Japanese Acts of Aggression Prior to the start of World War II
    • Italy- Invasion of Ethiopia
    • Japanese- Mukden Incident
  8. Munich Conerfernece (Explain the world response to Hitler's demands)
  9. German Invasion of this country led to the outbreak of World War
  10. Describe Blitzkrieg (Advantages, disadvantages of using this particular tactic)
    • Lighting war, or sudden air or land strikes
    • Advantage-gain ground fast
    • Disadvantage-uses a lot of resources
  11. How did Germany invade France?
    Swung around the Maginot Line
  12. Battle of Briatin: What advantages did the British possess?
    Engma Machine and Radar.
  13. Why did Germany invade North Africa?
    to get oil
  14. What was the turning point of the german north african invasion?
    El Alamein
  15. German invasion of Soviet Union (purpose, tactics, setbacks)
    He wanted oil, and living space.
  16. Describe the battle of Stalingrad. Why was it a turning point?
    Hitler's army was trapped and forced to go on the defensive in the Soviet Union
  17. Why did the Japense attack us at Pearl Harbor?
    To destory our fleet, and because of racisim and the oil embargo
  18. Why did the Japanese invade Southeast Asia?
    for resources.
  19. What advantage did the Allies possess at Midway? Why was the battle a turning pint?
    • intelligence which gave them the element of surprise
    • the allies sunk 4 Japanese aircraft carrierrs and began isalnd hopping
  20. Atomic Bombs: When? WHere? Reasons for dropping.
    • August 6, 1945 Hiroshima
    • August 9th, 1945
    • To force the Japanese to surrender unconditionally and to save our troops
  21. Identify the Nuremburg Laws
    Stripped the Jews of their Citizenship
  22. What and where was Auschwitz?
    • Conventration and extermination camp
    • Poland
  23. Who was Doctor Mengele?
    Nazi doctor who performed experiments on twins
  24. Why do you think so many people participated in the Holocaust?
    Ignorance of culture, fear of resprisal, and obedience
  25. Cover name that Hitler gave to the Holocaust
    Final Solution
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