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  1. This thinker coined the term "New Materialism"
    Karl Marx
  2. This man replied to Bhrezhnev in the so-called "Sinatra Doctrine"
    Mikhail Gorbachev
  3. This WWI battle was preceded by the Battle of Ourcq
    First Battle of the Marne
  4. These monarchs led the Glencoe Massacre
    William and Mary
  5. This man served as FDR's Secretary of State
    Cordell Hull
  6. You can find Fire Temples in this religion
  7. Pat Buchanan inadvertently gained a bunch of votes in this state in one election
  8. This man invited John Dewey to advise him on education reform
    Kemal Ataturk
  9. This man began hacking under the name Mendax
    Julian Assange
  10. Esther killed this Persian general
  11. This president reorganized his cabinet in the Halloween Massacre
    Gerald Ford
  12. This empire beat back the Tang Dynasty in the Battle of Talas
    Abbasid Caliphate
  13. This work talks about a "confederacy of deceivers"
  14. This anthropologist explained his work with a "wink"
    Clifford Geertz
  15. Rumi, the author of Spiritual Couplets, belonged to this religious sect
  16. This thinker coined the term "Stream of Consciousness"
    William James
  17. This king won the Battle of Tinchebray
    Henry I
  18. The Sky Tower stands in this city
  19. Morse v Frederick dealt with this constitutional right
    Free Speech
  20. Bandung is one of the largest cities in this country/island
    • Indonesia
    • Java
  21. This man founded the Bank of Manhattan Company
    Aaron Burr
  22. This man lost his governorship to Morgan Lewis
    Aaron Burr
  23. This man helped start the Tammany Society
    Aaron Burr
  24. This politician was betrayed by James Wilkinson
    Aaron burr
  25. Katharine Jefferts Schori is the current leader of this religion
  26. This ruler's son-in-law was named Henry Ireton
    Oliver Cromwell
  27. This ruler banned maypole dancing
    Oliver Cromwell
  28. Ellen White founded this religion
    Seventh-Day Adventism
  29. This religion's beliefs are stated in the 28 Fundamental Beliefs
    Seventh-Day Adventism
  30. The Convention of Pardo failed to resolve this conflict
    War of Jenkins' Ear
  31. The Battle of Porto Bello was a central battle in this conflict
    War of Jenkins' Ear
  32. This river flows through Point Marion
    Monongahela River
  33. This city is the most populous city in what was the Gadsden Purchase
  34. Kumba Iala was the president of this African country
  35. The AUC is a paramilitary group in this country
  36. The ELN is a terrorist organization in this country
  37. This man served as Pontifex Maximus from 44-12 BC
    Marcus Lepidus
  38. Dragging Canoe was a chief of this tribe
  39. Elias Hicks and Joseph Gurney led parts of this religion
  40. This ruler's father was Bindusara
  41. This king married Eleanor of Castille and Margaret of France
    Edward I
  42. This religious sect practices the Six Subleties
  43. Dhikr is a central belief of this religious sect
  44. Muraqaba is a central belief of this religious sect
  45. This guy lost to Warren G Harding in the Election of 1924
    John W Davis
  46. This Russian Premier signed the SALT I Treaty
    Leonid Brezhnev
  47. This city contains the Golden Pavilion
  48. The leaders of the "Yan Dynasty" led this rebellion
    An Lushan Rebellion
  49. This Supreme Court justice wrote "The Right to Privacy"
    Louis Brandeis
  50. This Supreme Court justice wrote Other Peoples Money and How Bankers Use It
    Louis Brandeis
  51. The Flinders River is the longest river in this province
  52. This dynasty started with the Battle of Muye
    Zhou Dynasty
  53. Mumtaz was the wife of this ruler
    Shah Jahan
  54. The Temburong Exclave is located on this island
  55. This psychologist studied "Community Feeling"
    Alfred Adler
  56. Montego Bay is the third largest city in this country
  57. This ruler lost the Battle of Cologne
    Charles Martel
  58. This Chief Justice presided over the case Texas v White
    Salmon Chase
  59. This leader shaped the Lucknow Pact
    Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  60. The "Hard Cider" campaign was used in this presidential election
    Election of 1840
  61. Boniface of Montferrat helped organize this crusade
    Fourth Crusade
  62. This man was the only English pope
    Adrian IV
  63. Linz is the third-largest city in this country
  64. The Siege of Kimberley occurred during this war
    Second Boer War
  65. Perim divides this strait
  66. This feminist gave the Ain't I A Woman speech
    Sojourner Truth
  67. Pyotor Bagration died during this battle
    Battle of Borodino
  68. The fighting in this battle centered around the Raevsky Redoubt
    Battle of Borodino
  69. This Nazi authorized the Blood for Goods mission
    Adolf Eichmann
  70. This European politician worked with Johann Stadion
    Klemens von Metternich
  71. This man was president for the signing of the Clayton-Bulwer treaty
    Zachary Taylor
  72. Pago Pago is the capital of this territory
    American Samoa
  73. Jeff Sessions is a senator from this state
  74. This English king fought in the Ninth Crusade
    Edward I
  75. This English lost the Battle of Lewes
    Edward I
  76. This king judged a succession crisis called the Great Cause
    Edward I
  77. This guy was director of the CIA and a member of the Warren Commission
    Allen Dulles
  78. Kharkiv is the second-largest city in this country
  79. This emperor killed Macro
  80. This mountain range is bisected to form the Sentinel and Heritage ranges
    Ellsworth Mountains
  81. This leader lost the Battle of Fallen Timbers
    Blue Jacket
  82. This emperor was a general under Aulus Plautius
  83. Ross Lake can be found in this state
  84. Cape Alava and Cape Flattery can both be found in this state
  85. This ruler won the Second Battle of Panipat
    Akbar the Great
  86. This labor union was proposed by John L Lewis
  87. This ruler signed the Peace of Cherasco
    Cardinal Mazarin
  88. This ruler ended the War of Mantuan Succession
    Cardinal Mazarin
  89. This ruler ended the Fronde with the Peace o Rueil
    Cardinal Mazarin
  90. This battle took place in Subic Bay
    Battle of Manila Bay
  91. The USS Olympia was the flagship in this naval battle
    Battle of Manila Bay
  92. Chizumulu is an island in this lake
    Lake Malawi
  93. Likoma is an island in this lake
    Lake Malawi
  94. The Ruhuhu River flows out of this lake
    Lake Malawi
  95. The Watkins Committee censored this senator
    Joseph McCarthy
  96. Cedar Lake sends water into this lake
    Lake Winnipeg
  97. This czar lost the Battle of Friedland
    Alexander I
  98. This emperor defeated his rival at the Battle of Margus
  99. This emperor issued the Maximum Price Edict
  100. This emperor was co-emperor with Maximian
  101. This people fought the Taranaki Wars
  102. This black nationalist was called "Black Moses"
    Marcus Garvey
  103. Deval Patrick is the current governor of this state
  104. Corrientes is a province in this country
  105. This river is formed by the confluence of the Pelly and the Fort Selkirk
    Yukon River
  106. The 1922 Committee is made up of members of this political party
  107. This thinker wrote Winds of Doctrine
    George Santayana
  108. This explorer's main ship was called the Gift of God
    Samuel de Champlain
  109. This explorer was wounded while assisting the Huron Indians
    Samuel de Champlain
  110. This psychologist wrote Psychology and Alchemy
    Carl Jung
  111. This politician's lieutenant governor was Paul Cyr
    Huey Long
  112. This politician succeeded Walter Huddleston
    Mitch McConnell
  113. This queen's father was Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk
    Lady Jane Grey
  114. The San Francisco Mountains lie in this state
  115. Gabrielle and Beatrice were hills featured in this battle
    Battle of Dien Bien Phu
  116. Christian de Castries commanded one side during this battle
    Battle of Dien Bien Phu
  117. This politician as governor put down the Attica Prison Riots
    Nelson Rockefeller
  118. McMurdo Sound is a port in this sea
    Ross Sea
  119. Aleksandr Kolchak led one army in this conflict
    Russian Civil War
  120. This king urged the beginning of the Avignon Papacy
    Philip IV
  121. This king's wife was Joan I of Navarre
    Philip IV
  122. The 17 Point Agreement dealt with this region
  123. The Torres del Paine can be found in this country
  124. The Juan Fernandez Islands can be found in this country
  125. This politician authored the Address to the People of Great Britain
    John Jay
  126. This politician wrote five of the Federalist Papers
    John Jay
  127. The Justice and Equality movement looks for peace in this country
  128. This leader signed the Shimla Agreement
    Indira Gandhi
  129. Baleshare is an island in this island group
  130. Benbecula is an island in this chain
  131. This island chain is separated by the Minch Strait
  132. This African dictator fought against Joshua Nkomo
    Robert Mugabe
  133. In 1896 this man ran for president with Arthur Sewall
    William Jennings Bryan
  134. Pedro Menendez de Aviles founded this colony
    Saint Augustine
  135. This vice president beat George Mahoney for the governorship
    Spiro Agnew
  136. This work is comprised of the "family books"
    Rig Veda
  137. This US Admiral commanded the USS Lawrence
    Oliver Hazard Perry
  138. This man was Secretary of State during the Baltimore Crisis
    James G Blaine
  139. This chancellor won the presidency over Oskar Lafontaine
    Helmut Kohl
  140. This PM put down the Red River Rebellion
    John A MacDonald
  141. Pavia was the capital of his kingdom
  142. This treaty was also called the Transcontinental Treaty
    Adams-Onis Treaty
  143. This nation put down the July Revolt of 1927
  144. This law was ruled unconstitutional in Myers v US
    Tenure of Office Act
  145. Triple Divide Peak can be found in this state
  146. Wermund and Offa were two kings of this people
  147. This Indian chief was the brother of Ollikut
    Chief Joseph
  148. Columbia Crest is at the top of this mountain
    Mount Rainier
  149. This explorer found the city Quivira
    Francisco de Coronado
  150. This is the southernmost county in England
  151. Mount Merapi is found on this island
  152. Mount Semeru can be found on this island
  153. The "idle" or "do-nothing" kings were part of this dynasty
    Merovingian Dynasty
  154. Brunhilda was one queen of this dynasty
    Merovingian Dynasty
  155. Clothilde was one queen of this dynasty
    Merovingian Dynasty
  156. Desiderius and Desiderata were king and queen of this people
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