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  1. Angiosperm
    Flowering plant
  2. Allele
    Genetic Variation/ Differant traits
  3. Anther
    Male part of flower
  4. Chromosome
    Bundle of genes, determines traits, 23 pairs
  5. Crossing Over
    Happens in Miosis exchange of DNA
  6. Cross Pollination
    Pollination between two plants, sexual reproduction
  7. Diploid
    A cell with a full set of chromosomes
  8. DNA
    Collection of atoms. Made of amino acids: ATCG building blocks of life
  9. Dominant
    An allele that masks another allele
  10. Embryo
    A fertilized egg cell that has gone through mitosis
  11. Fertilization
    When the egg and sperm meet
  12. Gamete
    A sex cell, only 23 chromosomes
  13. Genotype
    All traits that are found, dominant and recessive
  14. Gymnosperm
    Cone producing plant
  15. Hereditary
    Passed down from the previous generation
  16. Halploid
    A cell with a half set of chromosomes
  17. Heterozygous
    Have two different traits for the same thing
  18. Homologous Pairs
    Are pairs of chromosomes that code for the same thing
  19. Homozygous
    Having two of the same traits for one thing. (ie. two sets of chromosomes that code for blue eyes)
  20. Intersex
    A human genetic condition where there is not specific gender
  21. Karyotype
    A photoghaph of chromosomes, arranged largest to smallest
  22. Meiosis
    Cell divison that happens only in reproductive organs. Creates 4 gamete cells
  23. Mitosis
    Cell division that happens everywhere in the body. Creates two Diploid cells
  24. Ovary
    Where the young are grown inside a female
  25. Phenotype
    Traits that are seen
  26. Pistil
    Female organs of the flower
  27. Pollen
    Powdery substance comes from male part of the plant. ie plant sperm
  28. Recessive
    Traits that are masked by Dominant traits
  29. Sepal
    Outermost layer of a flower, used to protect the petals until they are fully developed
  30. Sperm
    Gamete cell from a male
  31. Stamen
    Holds up the anther
  32. Stigma
    Female part of the plant
  33. Style
    Holds up the stigma
  34. Zygote
    Cell with a complete set of chromosomes
  35. Coulomb
    Unit of electric charge Symbol: Q Unit: Coulmb
  36. Current
    Flow of electric charge. Symbol: I Unit: Ampere
  37. Ampere
    Unit of current
  38. Ammeter
    Device that measures current
  39. Resistance
    Potential difference across the load
  40. Ohms
    Unit of reistance
  41. Voltage
    Energy Per coulomb
  42. Voltmeter
    Measures volts
  43. Energy
    The Stuff that does work
  44. Joules
    Unit of energy
  45. Power
    The rate of doing work or using energy
  46. Watts
    Unit of Power
  47. Switch
    Part of a circuit breaker, helps prevent fires
  48. Cell
    A battery
  49. Resistor
    Something that slows down current
  50. Series Circuit
    Resistors connected on a single circuit
  51. Parallel Circuit
    Resistors connected on many branches of a circuit
  52. Kilowatt Hour
    What power companies measure energy in
  53. Circuit Breaker
    Stops flow of electric charge when current runs too fast
  54. Fuse
    Melts when current gets too high
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