Families with Young Children

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  1. Direct Costs
    Out-of-pocket expenses for raising a child that include childbrith, food, clothing, housing, and education.
  2. Indirect Costs
    The potential income forgone by women who stay at home to raise their children or the added costs of child care of those who do work.
  3. Role Conflict
    Disagreements about marital roles and responsibilities and who should perform various tasks or how they should be performed.
  4. Role Overload
    The experience of finding it impossible to meet all of the competing demands one faces. It is often accompanied by feelings of anxiety and a loss of control over one's life.
  5. Role Strain
    The tension experienced when one has a clear idea of one's role responsibilities but is unable to fulfill them in a way that satisfies one's own expectations.
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Families with Young Children
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